Friday, November 29, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 29, 2013

Dream upon waking:
I'm waiting to get my hair done in the parking lot with my husband and daughter.  We are sitting in folding lawn chairs in the parking lot waiting for my other daughter to get out of school and for my hair appointment to start.  My hairdresser has sent me a condolence email, then a text, then a letter posted on the wall, then a special delivery card/letter from fed-ex or ups.  They call my name and give it to someone from the salon.  I go and tell her that's for me, but she says it's not for me and goes inside.  She has a small square black/grey box with silver lettering on the lid and a card.  The envelope is red.  They call my name again from the salon and hand me the box and card.  The email and text and letter posted on the wall are offering me condolences for something and telling me she got a cow and the picture will help with what she's trying to tell me.  I see a brown/tan and white cow with large brown eyes in a field of light green grass that's tall.  I still don't understand.  I go back outside from the salon and ti's hot.  I go tell my husband, "I'm going back inside it's hot."  My husband and child are sitting in parking lot in cheap, folding lawn chairs.  He says "OK" and they get in a car.  A black charger with red interior.  They are going somewhere else  I ask him where did you get this car?  He said "A rental, $50, $25 and then drove away.  I look to my right and see my car in parking lot so I know I have a ride home.  But I look at my watch it's 4:07pm and my daughter has not got out of school yet and I wonder why, and I wonder if my husband will remember to pick up our daughter.  Then I think well, she has her phone and can call me and walk next door to the salon to me and then I wake up.

Then I ask the Lord what was this dream about...then I heard....

My child, My child do you think this is a game.  Do not doubt what I have told you.  Everything will come to pass as I have said, in My timing.  You must stay close to Me, in the palm of My hand.  Do not stray from Me, My dear one.  I have everything arranged and orchestrated.  You are to remain focused on Me at all times now everyday, you are to be ready for My coming, you are to patiently endure as you Rest in Me and dwell completely, whole-heartedly in My peace.  I am the Morning Star.  I am your covering.  I am your protector.  I am your provider.  Abide with Me, Abide in Me, no harm can come to you as you remain in Me.  I will shelter you from the storms.  Do not be alarmed by what you are hearing from My Beloved messengers.  They are hearing Me the best they can, they are trying to understand My ways, My puzzles, My pictures, My Plan.  I do not reveal everything to one person.  That is not My Way.  Each one is given small portion and they will find their way to Me.  None shall be lost or led astray.  Keep seeking after Me, for I am as close as you want Me to be, as close as your breath.  Breath in, Breath out.  Trust Me Sherry, I've got you. You are My beloved bride, child you are surrendered to Me.  I love you My yielded vessel, and I shall use you in the coming days.  Patience dear one, fear not, only Trust, Only Rest in Me a-Waiting My orders for you.  Waiting on Me is the best, absolute best place to be now.  You are ready, soon, very soon I shall release My doves.  Patience dear one, patience.  I shall use all My yielded vessels.  They are gentle, meek, and lowly, they wear kindness as their armor.  They are strong in Me.  They shall set the captives free and lead them back to Me.  For I know My own, and I call each one by name.  My children know Me, they hear Me, they will not be deceived and follow after a stranger.  For they truly know Me.  My love dwells in each one. My light shines out brightly from each chosen vessel.  I call all to surrender to Me, to come and yield before this moment passes and fades away.  Only I, Only I know the way home.  Each must find Me on their own.  Come, come to Me now.

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