Friday, November 22, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 22, 2013

You have started putting the rest of My messages on your blog, this pleases Me child, for I will use your blog to draw many back to Me.  As I live, I shall surely do many wondrous things in your lifetime.  Ask Me for help in this season of change.  Your body cycles are going through change right now and you can sense that you are going through the change.  This is a physical sign post for you of one of My promises to you.  I told you I would change everything including you.  I am here child, ask Me to help you go through this change swiftly and easily and to balance everything in you.  Peace, Peace wonderful peace flowing down from the Father above.  i give you My peace.  Carry My peace with you, My love.  I am here for you.  Your physical body is being transformed now, the change has begun.  Your new body will not look like the old one, for it shall be a transformation of glorification think metamorphosis like a caterpillar to a butterfly.  You are in the cocoon process, dark and tightly confined.  You can't feel what is happening to you.  You can only sense something is changing and it is.  you My love are changing into My image.  i can see it.  At the culmination of your transformation when  infuse you with My Holy Spirit, the Ruach Ha Kodesh, everyone shall see it, for you My Bride shall glow in the darkness, for My Spirit shall shine forth from you for all the world to see.  You are going to be entrusted with power in your words.  For the words you speak shall not be from you, they shall be My words flowing through a yielded vessel of honor.  It is a beautiful thing when My creation yields to Me and I can just flow.  No eye has seen, No ear has heard what I have prepared for My true children in these last days.  I will display Myself in your life.  I will wrap you in a warm blanket of My love where power and peace abide.  Much will come to pass in My Kingdom coming to earth.  You My dear one shall see it bursting forth in your life.  For I live big in you.  I abide in you and you abide in Me.  My peace and Rest I give you My dove.  For you shall now enter into the huppa and wait for your beloved Bridegroom.  I shall show you My heart, My love for you My dear one is a beautiful, forever kind of love and you have entered My eternal summer.  Rest in Me, yield, abide in Me and I shall do all the work,  I shall move swiftly, you only need to yield.  Do not question, just yield.  I will bring you before many people.  I will do it, not you, you can do nothing.  Do not strive to make something happen.  Just yield to Me, keep living your life and pouring out My love on people.  For My love never runs out.  As I fill you child, just pour it out on all you come in contact with.  You are beautiful.  You have many colors coming forth from your vessel.  I have lit your candle.  Now you shall shine.  you shall be a beacon on a hill for all who are in darkness.  Live your life in Me.  I am your source of strength, your source of hope.  Your lamp is full of My oil, ask Me for extra oil.  Your lamp is trimmed.  You are secure in Me.  You know you have need of nothing but Me.  For I am your all sufficient one.  I am your all in all.  Great and Mighty is your God who comes to dwell in the hearts of men.  I come in love and power.  I will bring change upon the whole earth.  This shall be the greatest time for My children and it shall be the hardest most bone-chilling horrible time for the earth, the animals and the people who do not know Me.  To truly know Me, you have to yield, you have to spend time alone with Me, you have to dwell and abide with Me, you have to seek Me out as you would a lost treasure.  I am here.  Do you want to find Me, then come and seek Me.  I hide, you seek, surely you can understand this simple process.  I am not difficult to find.  I am here.  But you reader must seek Me for yourself just as My beloved dove has done.  She has chosen to follow hard after Me, pursue Me and yield to Me when she found Me, and I shall never leave her side.  No one can separate  My beloved dove from Me.  Behold reader I challenge you to seek Me out for yourself.  Call out to Me now, while I may be found of you.  I desire to abide with you just as I abide with My dove.  I can do much with a yielded vessel.  It's a beautiful thing to be at peace in the midst of chaos.  To dwell and abide in Me brings peace and comfort.  It removes all fear.  I am near.  Come, come now, closer and closer, find Me NOW!

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