Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 12, 201

I am coming child.  Now is the time to seek after Me.  Pray, pray, pray My Will be done now on earth as it is in heaven.  Focus on Me as much as you can every day now.  I am here.  Live and abide in Me.  I will always look out for you and abide with you.  Seek Me child while I may be found on you.  You  have chosen to seek me and this pleases Me child, this pleases Me.  I am coming in Great Glory.  Power and Majesty.  There will be no mistaking My sign in the heavens, and then the darkness comes.  You have prepared your house and there is food, you need more water to last for three days.  Three cases of water is enough for you, Gary, and Rebecca.  You need more for Holly and Sarah and more for someone else.  One case of water per person.  I come in the darkness, cloaked in mystery.  Do not allow fear to dwell near you or enter you.  It is I who comes.  It is My plan unfolding.  There is no distance between Me and you.  You may not feel My presence, but I am here and you will hear me.  You have trained your ear to hear Me.  You must be strong in Me now.  Trust Me that I will protect you and nothing shall by any means harm you.  your life is in My hands.  You must endeavor to live in Me.  I will lead you step by step.  Do not fear the three days of darkness, for I am near.  This is My Will manifesting on earth.  I am in the darkness.  When you see the sign, go into your home and shut the door.  Pray for Me to search your heart, repent of anything I show you and allow Me to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  Then allow My Holy Spirit to infuse you with power.  Read and dwell in My word as you wait upon Me.  I am your constant.  Wait, wait, wait upon Me.  As I cover the earth in darkness behold I come and I will cleanse My land.  Remove all sin from you life.  Yield continually to My voice and instructions.  I am here My child.  My little one,I love you and you will not miss Me.  I will not leave you behind when I catch My Bride away, You will see many, many things that you would rather not see.  Stand firm and steadfast.  Do not waiver.  I will infuse you with My Holy Spirit more than you know Nd I will use you in the days ahead.  You shall be one of My vessels to snatch the lost out of the flames.  There shall be light at your house where there is no light at the other houses.  It will be as in the land of Goshen.  The plagues, and pestilences will not harm you, for I shelter you.  You live in Me.  You dwell under the shadow of My wings.  I will use you dear little one.  Wait, wait for My timing.  Do not rush out ahead of Me.  Behold, I come.  The King is coming.  Stay ready and prepared, constantly vigilant in your pursuit of Me.  I love how you pursue Me.  You are steadfast and true.  Remain strong in Me.  I am your anchor.  I am your resting place.  Rest in Me.  I am all you need.  Lean not on your own understanding.  But, TRUST Me and come to Me with any and all of your questions.  I love you My child.  Behold, I come.

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