Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hearing God Nov. 19, 2013

Note: Upon getting out of bed this morning, I saw out my bedroom door that was closed I saw flashes of light, really bright white light like lighting flashing through the left side doorpost on the other side of the door.  I paused and watched it for a moment and wondered what it could be.  I was not afraid.  I opened the door to investigate and the light was not there, the house was still dark as it was 5:50am.

I asked the Lord "What was that?" and He replied What you saw child was in the spirit realm.  You are about to have your eyes opened, but only in My timing.  I do not want to frighten you.  You are mine and I will always protect you.  Flashes of light clothed in darkness is Me.  I watch over you.  i hear you as you sleep.  Your heart sings to Me.  Your love for Me flows like a river from you with every breath.  This pleases Me child.  My ways are not your ways.  I watch you.  I observe your comings and your goings.  Nothing shall by any means harm you My dove.  for you belong to Me, you are marked.  I have sealed you and separated you unto Myself.  I still have much work to do in you, but, fear not, and enjoy the journey day by day.  Come to Me with all your questions and concerns.   Do not lose your focus on Me child.  Stay close.  Sheltered and protected in Me is where you should  be.  Listen to the coming of "Jesus".  Let your heart sing, for time shall be no  more.  Behold, I am at the door.  Stay ready child.  Do not let the world taint you with it's sin.  Stay clean.

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