Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hearing God 2-17-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on God on  2-17-13:

Yehushua Ha Mashiach is My name, but if you're more comfortable just call Me Jesus.  I know your heart and I know you mean Me.
My love for you is deeper than the ocean, and wider than the sea, it can't be measured in the natural.  It's Big, girl, it's BIG.
My thoughts for you are higher than your thoughts for you.  Keep the ground fertile between us, keep plowing the soil, stir it up, stir the deep, press into the deep things of Me , show Me you want Me, show Me you desire Me above all else and I will show you mysteries that you've never known or seen. I am limitless, and your are beginning to take hold of My love.  My love is strong, it knows no bounds. It looses every bond.  It heals every wound, but, you must be willing to receive My love, and this is how you grow.  Drink deeply of Me, eat Me daily, I am your portion, I am your source, I am your all in all, your ALL sufficient one.  I lack nothing, so therefore as you are in Me and I am in you, you will lack nothing.  Your every need I will supply.  Why?  Because, you are Mine My love, my dove.  My Blood, My Blood, My Blood it never loses its power, by it everything is held, this is the oath that holds everything together.
Don't you see, I was predestined by My Father before everything began, this was part of His plan.  I was hid in Him.  Always with Him, but hidden until it was His time to reveal Me.  I and My Father are One, separate, but, one.  We rejoice to reveal this to you My child, My dove, you are going to know us deeply, intimately as our journey progresses, there is no time in Me.  We are not in a hurry with you.  Just come to Us daily, daily seek our face and much will be made known to you.  You will never stop learning about us, because we are fathomless, limitless, we have no bounds, it will take you longer than forever to even scratch the surface of who We are.  But, you will enjoy the process of getting to know Us.  The Bridegroom (your husband) longs to take His Bride.  I long to ravish you, and take you in My arms and dance, do you like to dance, I think you do?  I will teach you My dance, like you saw at church last Sunday, I am joy, I am righteousness, I am love.
Can you hear the dove outside cooing, I sent it just for you, you are My dove, and the sweet sound of the dove cooing for Me is you, this is how I hear you, it's gentle, peaceful, full of patience and trust and this is what you are, as you wait on Me.  I am going to take you deeper are you ready?
Before time began, I knew you, I  told you My plan, and gave you a choice.  you chose to participate with Me.  So, I sent you to earth to complete your destiny in Me.
I will reveal more to you, as you need to know, just stay focused on Me, you are on the path I set before you on the day before you were created, some things are still hidden from you.  Seek Me first and I will reveal all in My time.  We can't rush through the process, for if We did, much would be lost, tender moments of revelation in Me, yield much fruit for you, My rod of correction cuts and stings, I know, but, it is needed to produce the character you need to become strong in Me.  My ways are not your ways, simply TRUST ME child, and all will go well with you.  The trials and tests you have still yet to endure are My refining furnace, and purge you of iniquities and your errors in thinking - mindsets and strongholds have no place in Me, free your mind - Only to Me, and let Me fill it with My own revelations, I will never lead you astray. Make yourself big in Me, let Me become big, bigger, biggest in you, for we are becoming knit together, we are becoming one.  As you sit before Me and Wait on Me, I am filling you with My oil, you are not a foolish virgin, you are wise.  I know you and you are beginning to know Me.
Many are called.  But, few are chosen. I call and plead constantly, I come and knock constantly, I talk constantly - but few are willing to hear, few are willing to Wait, few are willing to open the door to Me, and so they miss much.  This time right now with you is precious to Me, is it precious to you?  yes, I  know it is.
Enjoy your day, enjoy your life, I created it for you, keep Me ever on your mind, and think not upon the enemies plans and the evil going on around you.  You are pure and everything going on around you will become pure... You can already see people changing around you in how they interact with you.  It's because of the reflection of Me in you, they can see the light in you reflecting Me and this visible change will become stronger and more people will be drawn to your light, great things are coming to you.  This is the time for love, this window will not remain open.
I am transforming you into My image, you are pregnant with My man-child and you will give birth to your destiny in Me.  I am etching My word in you, forever it will remain and you will be changed, no longer of this world, for you will walk in this man-child form and it's going to change the world.  All My power and abilities will be in this man-child.  The devil wants to destroy it, because he has seen a glimpse of it and he is terrified of it ( I let him see a little, for I like to mess with him)
I will take you to My garden
Vision: (My eyes closed and I was walking in the garden on soft spring colored green grass, with Jesus, He walked ahead of me and I stopped at some large flowers like Dahlia's.  He told me He knew i liked them and He planted them and Poppy's for me, lots of them for Me.  I was hearing gentle giggling from, the flowers - the large standing dinner plate size Dahlia's, they could talk and had eyes inside the bloom, the bloom was white with a deep purple edge and a deep purple center - beautiful.  I reached up, because compared to them I was small and short, I looked up at them and asked one if I could touch her face and she said yes, it was soft and velvety smooth.  I rationalized that this was just my imagination and I somehow broke off the vision.  My spirit jumped in or the Holy Spirit jumped into My thoughts and said "No, this is a vision from Jesus, He is opening your spiritual eyes", so I closed my eyes again and was in the same place with Jesus.  He was walking ahead of Me and sat down by a small pool of water on a large rock.  he said come and sit down on the grass beside Me and I saw Him hold out His hand to Me as He beckoned me to come.  I could hear His thoughts, "did she come just to see the marvelous things I have created or will she come just for Me?"  I immediately thought back "I have come for you, I will always come for you."  He was wearing a long white robe with long white sleeves and a blue sash, that went around His waist and was draped across His left shoulder.  He has medium tanned skin, brown hair, wavy, and just past the shoulder, His hair kinda glows.  He is very clean and fresh looking, I think it's the purity of Him I'm seeing.The vision ended and I wrote it down.

***Note to self:  As I was reading over these words a thought came to me "you should put these on your blog", I immediately thought "I'm not putting these on my blog, they are personal, and besides I don't think He wants me to, and until He tells me to - I'm not, I will have to pray about it...but where did this thought come from, was it my flesh wanting to "brag", or is it Him, I don't know yet, but, I think it's Him, He will crucify my flesh thru my blog?

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