Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hearing God 2-19-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 2-19-13

Come away with Me My Beloved ( this woke me up)

Hell is real, I have taken many of My children as witnesses to this awful place, reserved for the wicked.  They have testified of Me and this place to warn the living to change and seek My face so they will not be sent there.
Rachel is revealing the truth that she knows, she does not have 100% understanding of My Truth.  You may still listen to her, but bring everything to Me that you feel may not be MY TRUTH, and I will reveal the absolute Truth to you about it.
I love that you Trust Me to show you My absolute Truth, it reveals to Me you are growing in Me, I love our prayer time, you ae so tender and kind and teachable, keep coming to Me child it blesses Me.  I will enlarge your tent and reveal My plan to you.  Your faith is secure in Me.  My plans for you are to prosper you in all things.  My will for you is to spend the rest of your life with Me now and forever in eternity.  You are pure and clean before Me.  Your light is Me reflecting in you, I see your light and it's glowing brightly, oh My Beloved, My love, My dove.  I love to share My light with you.  For I can tell, you truly care for Me, I see you seeking Me and My face with your whole heart.  You long for Me as I long for you.  Soon We will be together forever.  Wait on Me, Wait for Me I will not dissappoint your yearning heart.
We are one My love and I will take you to My Fathers house soon when He tells Me to go get My Bride.  I'm coming, Be ready, enjoy your life on this earth, I created it for you.  It pleases Me when your happy.  Many tests I send you, you will never see, just Trust me when I tell you, you are being tested, for I see everything.  I know all.  Some things I will reveal to you, but many things I will not reveal to you, for I love secrets and to by mysterious, to make you come to Me for answers and just to draw you into Me once again.  I love our time together.  I am creating change in you, My glory is touching you and you are changing from glory to glory.  My life I live with you.  My Father, the Ruach Hakodesh and I live in you.  We love that you have chosen wisely, to make a habitation for Us in your life and temple, it pleases us much, and We will show up mightily in your life.  All things work together for your good, suffering and pain last for a season, but joy comes in the morning, when the morning star arises in your heart.  I am the Morning Star, and I chose to dwell in you.  You have given Me an open invitation in your life and it pleases Me child to know that you want Me near you and around you.  You are My Beloved dove and I will shelter you under My wings because you love Me, the Most High God, you honor Me when you come and wait before me, it pleases Me child, it pleases Me, and I will give you many keys to My Kingdom as you search for Me, I will reveal more and more of Myself as you plunder the depths of My word.  There is so much to learn of Me and My Ways.  I am tickled to count you as My friend.  We are becoming intimate in this secret place, tucked away in Me, letting Me illuminate your heart and light your countenance with My peace.
You will hear many things in the coming days.  Stay strong, be fo good courage, no matter what is going on around you, Remember I am here, in the midst of thee.  I never leave, you may feel alone, but I am here!
Time shall be no more.
My chariot is ready, My heart delights in the prospect of coming for My Bride.  It thrills Me, and warms My heart with anticipation.  Stay ready, My child, do not lose focus on Me.  For I am near, I am always here.  I am God I can be everyhere and hear everything and see everthing at the same time.  No one else can do these things.  For I am God and there is no other.
I am removing people from your life, for you are to be centered and focused on Me and Me alone.
You have given Me your life and I will use it as I see fit, I will show you the way I will require you to live out your days, come to Me often, do not forsake our time together, you have much to learn, and My burden is light, I do all the work, all you need to do is Trust Me and lean on Me, My love, My dove, We are one.  Nothig can seperate you from Me now.  You are forever sealed.  You are annointed for My glory, and I am making myself big in you.  I am going to do a new thing in the earth.  My life and plan is being played out in the midst of you.  You must teach others how to find Me, not many really know.  Show them how you hear Me.  This is your lifes calling.
VISION:  (I see a ring, a large round diamond solitaire set in sliver, I hear "this is for you, but you must keep seeking Me") vision ends.
VISION:  (I see a chariot drawn by black gleaming horses, the chariot is gold and the bridegroom is in the chariot, picking up His Bride, one by one.  At each stop He opens the door for the Bride to step in, the Bride notices that a Bride is already sitting on His right side where He motioned for her to sit down, but she exclaims "I don't think I'll fit", but the Bridegroom tells her "Of course you will fit there's plenty of room, and everyone is comfortable".  So, the Bride sits down on top of the Bride already sitting down, and she realizes that she sinks into the other Brides and are becoming one, and they are all (the Brides) comfortable and giggling, for there are many Brides already in the charriot with the Bridegroom.  He looks at the Bride and says "Ready" and they smile and nod yes and the charriot goes off down the path.  -  at the beginning of the vision, I notice the path is a narrow dirt road, and it is winding through the countryside, the chariot, Bridegroom, horses, driver and Bride are crystal clear, but the grass and trees and road are muted and there is a distant city or castle in the background from where the Bridegroom is coming from....I believe I have had this vision before....

This is what I heard and saw***

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