Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hearing God 2-18-13

As I was waiting on the Lord on 2-18-13 this is what I heard him say:

Consider the wind where does it go, who controls it, is it real,?  You can't see it but you know it exists,  and what is it's purpose?  It's purpose is to obey Me, to stay the course that I laid out for it, I am the creator of all things, everything under the sun is mine, for My good pleasure I created it.  I create good and I create evil, nothing is hidden from My eyes.
People run too and fro looking for something, but they do not realize it is Me they are looking for.
People use church as a social network, they give Me lip service, but, their heart is far from Me.  They do not even try to understand My ways.  They are selfish and filled with self-love, this is an abomination to Me.  Even the rocks know who made them and they acknowledge Me, but, stiffnecked people created in My image do not even give Me the time of day.  Why do I weary Myself trying to get their attention, enough  !!!
I am ready to turn everything you know upside down.  The systems of this world are wicked and unjust, they call right wrong and wrong right.
I will restore My order, I will cleanse the land and consume the people.  Nothing will stand before Me that is unrighteous or unclean.  All will know My Name, All will feel My power, All will feel the weight of their sin as they stand before Me.
For I am God, and there is no other.  I will make all things new.  I desire truth to reign in the hearts of men.  My life is eternal, My way is simple, obey Me, love Me, fear Me and humble yourself before Me.  It's not rocket science.  I know what's best, because I created you.  Follow Me and know peace, strengthen yourself in Me, for I am Truth.  I will reveal My ways to you.
Wash yourself daily in My Word.  Let Me purify you.  Do not grow weary in the little things: prayer, reading My Word, Waiting on Me, for these appear little, but, they are truly Big in My eyes and I see you.  My seed is alive in you and it's growing, I am enlarging your heart.  I am making Myself a home in you My Beloved.  True Love Waits.  If you love Me you will Wait on Me, and eagerly put your ear to My mouth to hear, and you will hear Me.  I long to reveal all of My heart to you My little dove, for you are strong in Me and you are clean before Me.  My life is in you and your life is in Me.  Together We will do great things, I love you, My Bride, I'm coming for you.  My dove !
No greater sacrifice is there than a man lay down his life for his friend, and you are My friend.  Therefore I will test you today.  Be ready, stand firm in Me.  All will be accomplished.  Can you hear the sound of the trumpets?  The shofar is blowing it is time.
Consider the wind, you can't see it, but you feel it and hear it, so it is with Me.  I am here, you can feel Me and you can hear Me.  But, soon very soon I will show up in your midst.  I will stand before you and we will talk face to face.  Come with Me to a quiet place of rest.  Rest in Me, I will do the work, My burden is light, lean on Me, I walk with you, I am ever before you, leading you homeward.
Look up, watch the sky for it is a sign and a  wonder to you, I will reveal many things in the sky, most are blind fools and perceive nothing.  Bt, you are not blind, you are awake and you see, keep looking for there is much to learn, you will never stop learning.  The marraige supper of the lamb is almost here.  Do not tarry in making yourself ready.  I am ready, the table is set, I am dressed, your garment is ready, spotless and without blemish, only the prepared, and filled with My oil.  Stay full My dove, I have annointed you and sealed you for this day, your faith to believe Me, I received.  I love that you love Me, and pant after Me.  I long for the world to pant after Me, But, it will not be, so I am overjoyed with the ones that are chosen, My remnant, My Bride, My Father has given them to Me as My own personal treasure, and I will love you forever and always take care of you, My dove, My love.
Listen to the cooing of My dove.
VISION:  (I see Jesus standing before Me with a dove, a grey and blue dove, resting in his left hand and He is looking straight at me as I behold the vision, He knows I can see Him with my spiritual eyes. He is watching me intently and stroking the dove under her neck and on her back, and He snuggles her under His chin and the dove leans into Him and rests on His shoulder/chest area, she is content and at peace.  I realize the dove is me.  Jesus is wearing a colored tunic with a green belt/sash around His waist and a white robe, He is smiling.  The vision zeros in on His feet, He is wearing brown sandles and I wonder where are the holes, and then I see them, then I see His right hand up close that is caressing the dove, it has a hole in it too.  Then He becomes very faint in the vision but I can still see a city, noise, signs and buildings come crowding into the vision, but He is still there carressing and stroking His dove (Me) vision ends and I can still hear the dove outside my door, as I heard it as I started to see the vision, but now the cooing dove sound is gone.
I think the dove and the cooing sound are going to be our sign for me to recognize what Jesus is doing in me and with me, for He calls me His dove.  (and with this revelation, I can hear the dove cooing outside my door again).

This is what I heard***

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