Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hearing God 2-20-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on God on 2-20-13:

Oh My love, My dove, oh how I long to hold you.   It pleases Me that you are here.  I know you are tired.  You have chosen wisely for things eternal instead of your fleshly desires of sleep.  It was an easy battle for you this morning , almost effortless to deny yourself, and come to Me.
The "" family is mine, and I am working on them.
What do you see child?
VISION:  I see Jesus walking on the water coming straight to Me.
Yes, I am here.  I was just pondering what to share with you.  You are looking to the sky now, and watching for My signs, that is obedience to Me, thank you.
I am doing great things in you, even though they are hidden from you.
Trust Me that I am working in you, shaping, molding, transforming, little by little and it pleases Me, I love to work with My creations.  I love to tinker and putter around My house, your temple is My house, I am growing big in you, and I am enlarging your heart for Me to live in with you.  Focus on Me, stay clean and ready for Me to come for you.
I will come in a whirlwind for you, and we shall dance.  The happy dance of love for Me and My Bride.  I am filling you with My oil.
Song came in to my head:  "Oh, I love to love you baby, Oh"...
My ways are not your ways read Psalms 66.  Grow big in Me.  Ask, to grow big in Me.  You are having a hard time focusing on Me, you are in a battle, the enemy does not want this time to last, he is trying to distract and discourage  you, But, I know your heart, you are hot for Me, not lukewarm or cold.
You hunger after Me, you pant for My water, you long for My righteousness and you shall be filled.  I am writing My word in your heart (thus I am enlarging your heart) and on your mind.
You have asked Me to etch My word in you, so I will do this for you My Beloved, My dove, My faithful one.  You are one of My cherished treasures and I love that you love Me, you truly love Me.  Read My Word daily, I have much to teach you and we are running out of time.  Do not worry about the "" family, instead pray for My perfect will to be done in their loves.  They are mine, and I will never let them go.  You must become stronger and persistent in prayer.  MY will is that you become a mighty prayer warrior.  My will is that you walk in abundant love, let My love flow from you to the others I bring you.  Do Not grow weary in doing the good things, the eternal things like fasting, praying and Waiting on Me.  Always put Me first, cut off anything that you see crowding in between you and Me.  I am your source, I am your supply, and in Me you will never run dry.  I am lighting you up and you will glow.  Your life is in My hands, let it flow from Me, simply surrender each day to Me and flow in Me.  It will be easy for you now that you are understanding My Rest and have entered into MY Rest.  I do all the work, you just stay focused on Me, lean into Me, My dove, I will take care of everything.  Trust Me in everything, no matter how small.  I love to work in the lives of My people, I love to work in you My child, My precious one.  Your light is growing, your light source is getting stronger.  Can you feel it?  My love is expanding in you, do you recognize it.  You are pulling away from the world, you are drawing into Me, you are sheltering under My wings, you are at peace and rest.  You have entered into My Rest and nothing can by any means harm you.  You are mine and I will meet every need you have.  Stay focused on Me, I am the way, the truth and the light.  I am the good shepherd and My sheep hear My voice and follow Me, I am leading you to My green pastures.  My light is in you and you My child are growing in Me, I eagerly watch to see your daily progress.  You are one of My overcomers, one of My daughters who will live in Zion with Me, for I know you and you are getting to know Me.  We are bonding our spirits together, and our time together is never wasted.  Your life is in My hands and the beauty of your holiness comes from Me.  Be ye holy for I am Holy.
Each day the world is becoming more and more beautiful to you, as you see Me in My creation.  You are becoming white with light now, My Kingdom is overtaking you, you now see My perfect plan unfolding, you are in awe of Me, as you should be.  Never get comfortable in yourself.  Without Me you are nothing.  Without Me you can do nothing.  But, with Me, you can do great things and your value grows in Me.  I will  prosper you in Me.  I will reveal My secrets to you.  I love you forever, We will be together forever, nothing can pluck you out of My hand, for we are knit together in love and our bond is eternal.

This is what I heard and saw***

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