Friday, April 12, 2013

Hearing God 2-13-13

This is what I heard while I was waiting on God on 2-13-13:

Come, sit with Me, My precious child, I have much to say
I love you
Your creation purpose is to love Me, and live in Me and Abide in Me, I will tell you more later, stay focused on Me, I am your source, I will not lead you astray, I reveal secrets in My own time, not yours.
The hour of testing is upon Us, pray that you be found worthy of escape
Hide yourself in Me, I am your only hope !  I will protect you, I will provide for you.  Sing to Me child, sing My praises, put on the garment of praise, when the spirit of heaviness comes.
Do not worry about tomorrow.  I AM here, I will lead you through all your tomorrows.  My will is that you obey Me when I tell you to do something, like right now - you are waiting on Me, it pleases Me child, it pleases Me.
I will lift you up out of your circumstances, I will bring My plans for you into fruition, I will give you My love for others.  Focus on Me, draw into Me, I am your source.  I am your peace.  I am your safe place, I am the calm before the storm.
I invite you to the wedding.  You are My Bride.   What good is a wedding without My Bride.  Will you marry Me?  We will live together forever, and we will dance and dance.
Always fear Me child.  Know your place.  Always love Me and do not forsake Me as the world does.  It does not listen when I speak.  But you listen.  My times with you are very brief, but very precious to Me.  I love how you love Me.  I will come for you soon.  Stay ready for Me, stay strong, Watch, stay prepared for I am coming.  People are about to  mock and ridicule you.  Remember, persecution comes to test those who are truly mine.  I f you are not being persecuted, you are not of Me.  Count it all joy, for I (Christ) am being formed in you, the man-child is being birthed in you, he is forming now - I will be seen in you, and upon you, so that the world may know, you are mine.  Do Not be afraid, the world and the evil ones fear you, because they see Me in you, My light will spill forth out of you, you will not contain it.  You are My vessel to pour My spirit and self thru.  I require simple obedience - from you.  Stay clean, cast down every idol, as you've been doing when we are together or I call you.  Repent often, study Me, make yourself strong in Me.  I am the light of the world, let My light shine in the darkness of this dying world.
Do Not worry that you have not heard the shofar, you have heard about it and believed, I count your faith.  Blessed are you who has not heard and yet believed.  My power will manifest strong in you.
You are My light source to be reckoned with.  I have been preparing you for such a time as this all your life.  Why do you think you have always been aware of Me?  Why do you think you have always had the rapture on your mind?  It was Me, My hand has been upon you all your life.  You are one of My hidden ones, who is developing in the Secret Place, and in My timing I will bring you forth into your destiny, I have great plans for you.  My Beloved.  You are Mine.  I created you for Me.  My love for you surpasses all understanding.  Don't grow weary and take Me for-granted.  Rise up and Believe, all things are possible when you Believe.
My love for you knows no bounds.  My will for your life is that you hear My voice, love Me, Obey Me, fear Me, and seek Me daily.  It's a daily sacrifice of your love to Me.  It's a sweet smelling aroma that I long for.  It has been a long time coming My child, but, I have captured your heart and I will never let you go.  You are mine and nothing can separate us from each other.
The world is asleep, but you have awakened to My kisses.  I cover you with the kisses of My mouth, I wrap you in My arms and hug you close.  You are mine and I will never let you go.
Child of mine where does light come from? (I answer:  from You)
Yes, My child it comes from Me, I am the source of all light.
My light is shining in My faithful ones.  They remain strong, they endure testing, they are My heart.  I long for all people to feel My embrace, I long to cover them with My kisses, I long to shelter each one - But - they are too busy for Me.  They are snared and trapped in this world by the lusts of the flesh.  Even My own, have forgotten Me, their first love.  They have no time for Me, they fill their lives with their own desires and designs.
I WILL have a house undivided.  I WILL have a house of prayer.  I WILL have a people who KNOW ME, and I WILL KNOW Them.
My ways are not your ways.  You must lay down your ways and pick up My ways, this is the dividing line.
I am the Tree of Life - choose this daily, as every day of your life, you shall choose who you will submit to and follow; Me or self.
My plans for you hinge on your total submission to Me.
You are a child of the light.  Never let your light go out - always seek My face - I am ever before you - I always see you, even when you don't feel Me, I am here.  I am always here.  I record everything about you.  I see all.  We are one.  I desire to be one with all people and the world, but, first it must be cleansed from all unrighteousness.  Deception is rampant in these days.  I will pull the masks off of everything, I will expose evil in all its forms.  There is no longer lukewarm in My Body.  The dividing line is being exposed, hot or cold - you will begin to see the difference.  You will influence others, you are My Beloved and I will use you to light the way.  Children of the Most High God, make room for Me, let me grow big in you, Drink from My fountain, Eat your fill of Me.  I AM your source.
Come to Me and ask Me to strengthen your heart, so that you will not faint in the evil day, when you see unimaginable things coming upon the earth.  Man's heart will fail them for fear, But, your heart will not fail for you have come to Me and I have strengthened you.
The dead will be loosed to walk the earth.  Aliens (demons+ children of the fallen ones) will try to invade and acquire host bodies.  The evil of man's heart, his greed will try to take over the world and manipulate the masses - but - you will be strong, because you have and are sheltering in Me.  You don't need a gun to protect you - you need Me - Your Savior, your Beloved Husband.
I will always protect you, do not fear, stay close to Me, come to Me often, take communion, live in Me, Abide in Me, shelter in Me.  Love one another.  I desire Oneness.

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