Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hearing God 2-16-13

This is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord on 2-16-13:

Jesus in you the hope of glory
Not many days hence I will appear to you.   Stay ready.  Seek Me often, for I am watching you, I am testing your heart, will you be faithful, will you endure...Do you truly love Me, as I love you.  Am I your greatest desire, will you continue to put Me first?  We shall see.
Mene Mene Tekel Pharson =you have been weighed in the balance and found lacking.  Lacking in immediate obedience.  When I call you must immediately respond, don't let your flesh win and keep you in your cozy bed.  I called you before 5:00am and you delayed and struggled with your flesh till 7:00am.  When I call you  - GET UP.  These are training days for you.  To listen to My still small voice, to hearken to Me, and not wait - but, obey immediately.  In the days ahead  - you will need to Obey Me immediately - wherever you are, driving, at school, at a ball game, shopping...My instruction to move, turn left, go this way, don't go today, etc. will mean life or death to you.  You are constantly under attack, for he knows you are mine, and will try to harm you, so listen to Me, Me precious child, heed My call, Obey Me and it will go well with you.  As I pour My light and Will into you, you are separating from the others.   There is a distinct difference and everyone can see it.  You are a light in the darkness.  You are one of My light bearers, Yes, you have the Green cloak of David and you will speak with authority for Me.  Our relationship is developing beautifully.
Walk in honor before Me
your life and words bring change to others.  My love in you is growing.  I am growing in you.  You are growing in Me.  Your are beginning to reflect Me, soon you will be a mirror image of Me and no evil can befall you.  Glow baby glow.
My light will never go out in you, it will only grow and grow.  Illuminating the hearts of others and their true conditions.  You are a witness of Me.  My Kingdom is being manifest in you, I am dwelling in you now.  My heart, My dove, My love.  You must stay ever mindful of Me, abide in Me.  Do not let very many minutes go by without thinking of Me, I should be as your very breath, ever constant, in and out, in and out, I am with you always, Remember, My life is in you now.  Your are in Me.  I am your constant, walk in Me, walk with Me, We have much to share.  I want to show you My heart.  My Beloved, My friend, there will never be an end to My love for you.  Our love is True and will last.  My Father loves you, My  child.  He wanted Me to tell you.  I look upon you with love, you are My dove, and My love for you and others will reflect out of you to others.  You will shine for Me.  Because its My light in you.   Never turn away from a challenge.  Don't be afraid of the roaring lions, they are fake, they  cannot harm My anointed ones, I have anointed you with power and love and a sound mind, My peace will be an ever constant in you.  When the storms rage, Remember your constant - ME, and come to Me often and dwell in My shelter, My peace, My hiding place for you.  I will keep you in perfect peace.  You are My Bride, My Treasure, I will require much of you in the days ahead.  It pleases Me, to test you, the refining furnace is good for you, though painful, it is very good.  You desire to be close to Me, in My presence.  You have to be pure and clean to be able to stand in My presence.
My hand - you have asked Me about - Remember, I am in you, so your hand is now My hand.  When something comes against you, and it will, put out your hand and command it say "No, you may not come, or touch, etc. in Yehushua Ha Masciachs name be gone" these are part of your battle gear.  My hand combined with My Son's name have great power in the spirit realm.  Remember, the spirit realm is breaking out in the physical realm, NOW, the dividing line between the two is slowly coming down, the barrier has been breached.  The battle rages, but, we will win this war.
You are part of My end time army.  I love you My Beloved.  Eat and Drink Me often, for I am life or death to you.  I will sustain you.  I am your source.  I am pleased that you are keeping the fast.  When you finish this one.  I will tell you what your next fast will be.  You will fast for the rest of your days.  Part of your creation purpose is to fast and pray before Me.  A living sacrifice to Me, and through your fasting much will be shared between you and Me.  I have much to teach you.  I reveal as I see fit, in My time, so Wait upon Me child, Keep coming, Keep seeking TRUTH.  Keep seeking My face, I LOVE IT !!!  I can tell you kinda want Me, but, I want you to want Me, as I have wanted you.  You are hungry now and you are thirsty now come eat and drink your fill the door is open to you now, and I will never hold back from you My manna, for it is your life force now.  You cannot be deterred and I LOVE that about you.  You truly love Me, as I love you.  What a beautiful treasure you are to Me.  I love you child, I want always to be with you, to commune with you.  Our fellowship is pure and sweet.  Oh, how I long to take you in My arms and dance with you.  We will soon, you know, I'm coming for you, stay ready.  You are secure in Me, I love you.  My Bride, My Treasure, My dove.
I see your heart and it is clean before Me, you are rare My love, you are rare.  I feel your worship and it warms Me.  I feel your love, your true love, and it blesses Me, for you are Mine.  I will take away this pain in your body, it is a test, from the evil one, trying to distract you from coming to Me daily.  he does not want you to grow, did you know he is constantly trying to take you out.  He knows you're marked, and he can't touch you unless you give him entrance.  You must constantly be on guard for your temple, keep watch over the gates: eyes, ears, mouth. Keep watch over your ways, habits, patterns of thinking, speech.  Always be diligent with your heart, for out of it flows the issues of good and evil, keep your heart clean, repent often, let no corrupt communication come forth out of your mouth.  Bring your  "feelings" = emotions to Me, do not release your words, be careful how you speak, do not be offended, do not be resentful, cast these out of you in self-deliverance for if you don't they will form roots, deep and twisted and go straight into your heart and become a stronghold and a mindset which will deter your growth in Me, these things have to be dealt with often and immediately.
Remember, volleyball season, you were tested much - and found lacking, instead of casting off the bitterness and offense, you held onto it, and  the roots ran deep, you must now come before Me to repent of your sin, yes, you were blindsided, yes Rebecca was treated unfairly in your eyes, but, you My child were being tested, and, you failed - now you must repent and truly cast off the offense and truly forgive the coaches so that I can heal you, anoint your wounds and bind the broken places of your heart that will be left when the roots are plucked out, and I will remove all bitterness and replace it with My love, for love covers a multitude of sin.  Forgiveness is a key - a great KEY for you to overcome all things.
I know My words are painful to hear, and yes they cut deep.  Remember, you asked Me to search your heart and reveal anything displeasing to us about you, this must be dealt with today.  This is a hindrance to discerning My Will and My voice in this hour.
How you view others says a lot about who you are, and your character is being developed through your eye gate (something else to think about).
Judging people is easy.  It comes easily to mind.  But, Remember you are not the judge - so stop it !!!
Loving people is not easy.  It is a difficult undertaking, but, it is the only way.  As you allow My love to fill you it will exude out of you for others and this is how you should live.  In Love, love is a key - a great KEY to overcome the systems of the world.  If you have love you have everything.  For I am love, love never quits, love never dies, love loves, it's powerful and strong.  You must be anchored to love, no matter what, love is the way.
Abide in Me and you will love, this is part of your battle gear.
Offended people are full of hatred, bitterness, self, and pain.
People who walk in LOVE, love regardless of the pain, they endure and walk in love, love is patient, love is kind, love is long suffering, love is gentle, love is humble, love does not think more highly of himself than he should.  My people walk in love, by this you will know them, that they love.
I am love, if you are truly Mine, you will love, there is no other option.  Love is the key to unlock any door.  I have many many doors for you to open, and love is the key.
I know you are wounded now.  Absolute truth cuts deep.  So now you should pray.  I chastise and discipline those that I love and call My sons and daughters to bring them into total communion with Me. You are being molded into My image, and conformed to My ways.  You will reflect Me in all things and as you grow into Me, you will be changed, and pass every test.  I require change, you are not of this world, and therefore you may not act as the world does, you may only act like Me, I require change, it will cost you everything to Truly follow Me.  Can you Endure?
I don't want to hear you say "CRAP" again, it is an abomination to Me.  I don't want to hear you say "I don't care" about someone again, it is an abomination to Me.  I require change, and YOU WILL CHANGE.
I Will purge you with My fire and you shall be cleansed, clean and pure before Me.
But, what I am doing in you requires you to have a part, submit your will, and you must yield to My desires.  I cannot do everything for you automatically, you have to adjust, and make the changes I require in you.  It won't just magically happen, you were not created as a robot for Me to manipulate.  You have free-will and therefore must participate with Me in your development.  You must choose to make the changes I require - you will only develop and grow in Me as far as you allow - you hold the key yourself - your free-will is your key, use it wisely.
Choose you this day who and what you will submit to.  I am the tree of life - I am your gardener and I prune you and weed you and pluck your fruit as I see fit to make you strong and help you grow in Me.  There are many tests ahead, be mindful of these, for I am here ever watching and weighing you, you are a joy to Me and I love you.  My Treasure, My dove, I will always make a way for you.

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