Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 30, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Holy Spirit was singing in me "Be still and know, Be still and know, that I am God, Be still and know"

Then I heard:

Oh, My little one, My precious bride, as you come before Me, I see your humble spirit, I hear your heart speak "here am I Lord".  Oh, the beauty of a humble heart.  Oh, the purity of a surrendered soul.  As you come and gather yourself unto Me, I am here in the midst of thee.  You have received much at My knee today as you were enraptured in My all consuming fire.  The more I shared, the deeper you drank.  Beloved, and that is your name, you are filled with My spirit and My oil is overflowing your vessel.  For you have chosen wisely to sit and rest at My table.  To feed from My manna, as I hand fed you every morsel.  To be present in mind and spirit with Me is a sign of maturity.

Your foundation is strong in Me, for I and I alone am your cornerstone.  Deep roots are in thee, My love.  Light shines forth from your spirit, as it has been set on fire by My flame and is now unquenchable.  Much shall be given to thee as you separate yourself more and more unto Me.

Beloved, think it not strange as you are consumed with desire to be with Me, as you are dwelling now in My heart.  Oh, My beautiful one, you are Mine and I am yours.  You spend your days with Me.  Your thoughts are always with Me.  Your desire, both night and day, is to be with Me.  Much strength I have given you as you sit in My presence.  My peace surrounds you, as a warm down blanket, for I am your hiding place.  I am your comforter.  I am your everything.

I shall use you, My dear one, for few, very few are willing to surrender all and make themselves available to Me.  I am equipping you, My dove, for much, I tell you, much is coming forth now from My spirit as I hover over My people.  I am invading the very atmosphere around you, can you not sense My nearness, My little ones, pay close attention.  Be aware of your present atmosphere, stay close and draw into Me.

I am your shield and buckler.  The storms, the shaking's, the fires are coming upon your lands, there will be nowhere to hide from Me.  I come to take over, I do not come to take sides.  I love all men, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I love all of My creation.

 You shall soon see Me for yourselves, are you ready?  Can you stand in My presence.  Do you understand My Spirit is an all consuming and purifying fire.

I shall do a new thing.  Behold, look, watch, be aware for I shall draw all men to Me.  The day of reckoning shall come upon you quickly.  Do not delay, come to Me and be saved from yourselves.  I alone am your only salvation.

Do not pretend that you do not hear Me, for I know that you do, and so, you shall be without excuse, if you are found outside the gate.

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