Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 29, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

"Beloved, you are such a sweet little dove.  I pour out My love upon you, and you receive it so easily, for you are hungry.  I tug at your heartstrings, and you come immediately into My presence.  As you linger here with Me, I read your heart, you, My love, My dove, are an open book.  As you are eager to share your life with Me, I eagerly reveal Myself to you more and more for we are one in spirit, and nothing can separate us.  Oh, My love, My heart sings over you as you come eager to spend this time with Me.  My dearest love we shall soon see each other, face to face.

Beloved, be at peace in the midst of every test and trial.  There are many more tests that are coming to test the hearts of My people.  My children, I urge you now, to come, and be still, in My presence.  To quiet yourself and listen, bring a pen and paper and write what you hear.  Come to Me with any questions you have and expect to hear from Me.  I am not distant, I am here, but, many of you are unaware of Me.  I speak, but, you, do not listen.  I urge you now to focus on Me daily NOW.  I must have your full attention, when you rise in the morning, as you go about your day, as you eat and as you retire to sleep focus on Me.  Let Me capture your thoughts, and let Me flood the atmosphere with My presence.  The more you look for Me, the more you will see Me, the more you focus on Me the more tangible I become.  

Do not allow anyone or anything to cause you to doubt Me or My love for each of you.  For I care very deeply for each of My created hearts, for I formed you in your mother's womb, I knit your heart together and kissed you tenderly with My very breath.  Oh, My dear ones, seek Me now, come expecting to find Me.  For I am no respecter of persons, as I am building up My beloved, I desire to build you up too.  Deep calls unto deep now dear hearts, can you hear Me.  Come, and let us reason together.  I want you, I long for you, I wait for you, I ache for you.  Come, come now the door is closing, My dear ones, come.

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