Monday, January 25, 2016

November 21, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord in the evening, I heard this:

Singing:  Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place...

I am here, beloved.  I have missed our time together.  I know that you are mindful of Me, but, to set apart time, just for you and Me is needful in these days.  This time strengthens you for the days ahead.  Draw close now, and be still in My presence.  I am ever present, but, you, My dear one, should not lose your ability to hear Me.  Beloved, you have been trained by Me to hear Me, for I have given you a listening ear.  I speak and you, My dear one hear.  For you have allowed yourself to be disciplined and trained to hear Me.  You must remain diligent in your pursuit of Me.  My path is not crowded, for each individual has a path I have designed just for them.  Each one must be diligent in seeking Me out for yourselves.  I am ever present, I am near.  But, to find Me, you must be seeking Me.  If you are truthfully pursuing Me, I shall be found of you.


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