Monday, January 25, 2016

September 6, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

Oh, My child, My dear one, much is happening today, all around you, the weak are crying out why, where are you God, for they did not take the time to find Me, they do not hear Me, even though I am right here with them, as I am with you.

I speak all the time, but few, even you, are willing to listen.  My voice is all around you all, My breath is within each one.  I am the God of all, not the God of some.  I am the God of those who acknowledge Me and I am the God of those who do not acknowledge Me.  Just because you do not acknowledge or confess Me as Lord, does not, and will not change the TRUTH.  I live in you, and I shine through you, My love, My dear one.

The reality of who I am rests within each of you.  To know Me for yourselves should be your ultimate goal.  To draw near to Me and hear Me should be your hearts desire.  I am not a God of noise.  I am not a God of selfish desires.  I am a God of love, love, I am love.  I am in everything.  Can you not see Me, I am here.  Do you know Me,  do I know you?  Will you turn off the noise of the world and separate yourself from the world and it's distracting lures that are sent out to lure you away from spending time with Me, soaking in My presence.  Waiting at My feet.  Beloved's, do not be deceived by all the technology around you, your phones and computers, and IPADs, offer much in the way of distractions, it's the little things that slowly, bit by bit, chip away and eat up your time.  You must be aware and discern these lures.

The hour is late My children, do not allow yourselves to be caught up in these lures that will slowly draw you away from ME.  Be on guard, for the hour is late.  Seek ME.

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