Monday, January 25, 2016

January 24, 2016

I was in worship and I saw this in a vision as I worshiped:

I am in what seemed to be a castle room looking out a window and I can see a bright white glittering Kingdom.  I am in a white flowing gown, like a wedding gown, and I have on a white veil head covering that is scalloped around the edges.  To my left I can see a man standing next to me in a tan robe garment with a white and blue stripe on the long sleeve cuff area.  He has His right arm around my shoulders and I can see his hand. I am observing this scene from the upper right area of the room.  I wonder if it is Jesus who is in this room with me and I am prompted to look at His hand, and I see it has a hole in it, in the upper part of the hand close to the wrist. As I am watching this scene, I see Him lean in and whisper softly "Behold My Kingdom child, I am coming for you, soon child, soon" There is such a quiet peace here and such security and love.

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