Friday, April 1, 2016

Hearing God - March 31, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. My child this scripture is coming alive in you, for you have tasted the new wine of My spirit.

Your revelation has produced much fruit and your spirit has grown in size and strength.  This is why you felt power being released from you as you were praying and declaring My Kingdom come, and releasing My hosts to go forth and tear down every stronghold that has raised it's head and hand against your family.

My child, you stood and took dominion in your authority.  This is ruling, My child, this pleases Me much, My dear one.

For you are manifesting My Kingdom.  Yes, My Kingdom that is within you is coming out.  My child, there is much work to do as you put your hand to the plow.  This is the beginning of a great adventure for you and I.

 I am excited and pleased and thrilled to have you manifesting as My daughter who knows her true identity in Me.  Who has conquered fear, and is stepping out in faith.  You are awakened to My power and glory inside of you, for as you dwell and abide in Me, you shall ask, declare, and decree a thing and it shall be done for you.

Many are watching you child.  For these simple words you are sharing are seeding hope into those who are hungry for Truth, hungry for a real relationship with Me.  They are coming just as you've come, down the path, for this journey you are on has many followers.

As you share what I am revealing to you, many are encouraged in their own journey.

There is too much doom and gloom being broadcast across the airwaves.

 RISE UP NOW child and declare the dawning of a New Day, for it is time to take your stand and push back the darkness.  Fro you, My dove, have come into the Kingdom Age for such a time as this.


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