Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hearing God - April 7, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, I am with you always.  Look for Me in all things.  In the beauty of a peaceful day.  In the warmth of the suns rays.  In the blue skies as the fluffy clouds go by.  In the breath of your beloved, as you rest upon your bed.  In the gentle eyes of love.  In the tender spoken words.  In the freshness of the grass and in the tender leaves of spring.

Oh, My dear one, My heart sings over you, as you prepare for Me a habitation.  A life where I can co-exist with you, oh, this is My hearts desire.

NOW, as you make room for Me, I am drawing your family.  Each of you shall know Me as I know each of you.  Your home and hearts shall be a habitation for Me.

For I have come to abide and dwell with you.  Nothing shall be impossible for you NOW as you rule and reign in your authority.  The Kingdom Age is here.  You know it, and your receive it, and you are walking in it.

Beloved, you are strong in Me.  You shall route the enemy from under your foot and you shall no longer be hindered.  For you are My child, a true daughter of My Kingdom.

You shall push back the darkness more and more.  For you are well able to receive My instructions.  You are positioned to rule.

My dear one, many wish for things, many beg, but not you.  You stand tall, for fear is no longer in you.  You can see Me, and you can see your victory.

Your best days are ahead of you.

I lead, you follow.  I speak and you shall declare and decree.  Your voice is being heard in the spirit realm as well as the physical realm.  Heaven and hell both know your name, do not look back, Go forward in your position of authority, declare and decree.

I am for you, My little one.

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