Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hearing God - April 2, 2016

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh the beauty of a soul who cherishes spending time with Me is such a treasure to Me.  For My eyes go to and fro in all the earth looking for someone who may be looking for Me, and when I find you, oh, My heart, be still My heart, for I long, I so long for each of you to steal away, for Me.  To seek Me out and come into My presence, for nothing but to be with Me.

 This is where My heart belongs.  Just to be with the one who wants to be with Me.  Oh, so many things crowd into life to keep you pre-occupied with busyness.  Do not allow yourself to be consumed with life's distractions, for in so doing you have no room for Me, you run out of time, you get too tired, you are too hungry, you get swept away with the cares of life and drift farther and farther away from Me.

Pay attention to Me.  Put Me first.  You have to willfully carve out time for Me, get up a little earlier, stay up a little later, turn your plate over and give Me that time, whatever it takes you need to make room for Me.  Make Me a priority, for in so doing, you shall find strength, comfort, and encouragement for your journey.  I am your counselor.  I know what lies ahead, I can help you all if you would but let Me.

I am here, standing in the midst of thee.  You are never alone.  Lean on ME to give you help.  For I am willing to help you all.

My dear one, I enjoyed spending the day with you.  I enjoyed the music you played in your room to welcome Me and it pleases Me, it pleases Me much that you are mindful of Me.  You have captured My heart, for you believe, even though you cannot see, you believe.

You are walking in great authority.  For you know who you are.  You are standing, believing, and conceiving.  NOW, you are manifesting My Kingdom.  You are beginning to rule and reign in your authority as you are seated in the position I have given you.

Declare, Decree, and discover child.


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