Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hearing God - June 15, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Child, do not allow yourself to be stressed by what you hear from My other watchmen.  I have you in the palm of My hand.  I've got you, dear one, you are Mine.  No harm shall come nigh your dwelling place.  I have prepared much beauty for you in My Kingdom, for your heart loves what I love, the mountains, the streams, the smell of the pine trees, the gentle warmth of the sun upon you, the softly blowing breezes that refresh your soul.  Oh, I have such joy over you, My love, for you are gentle, meek and lowly.  You are humbled before Me as you wait to hear from Me.  When your beloved speaks your heart skips a beat.  You run to Me with open arms and jump into My embrace.  For I am near you, My Love, your beloved is here.  I am with you always, and you know this to be true, for you are constantly thinking upon Me, I am never far from your conscious thoughts, and I am never far from your unconscious thoughts.  When you slumber, I take you with Me, though you don't realize it, We have spent much time together, all shall be revealed to you at the appointed time.  Your faith is great, My little one, for though you have never seen Me clearly, you know Me, you believe Me and you Trust Me.  I have but to call and you come running, beloved, you are putty in My hands, and I shall use you greatly now as you seek to know Me more and more.  I fill you more and more with My presence.  My love abides in you and I express My love through you as you go about your day.  Oh, what a joy it is to Me when My children Trust in Me and patiently wait upon Me.  This blesses Me child, this blesses Me.

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