Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hearing God - July 7, 2015 "The Shaking"

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, many are buckling and crumbling and bowing down to fear, as the winds of change blow across the earth for "The Shaking" has begun.  This spirit of fear is blatantly blaring and declaring blasphemous things.  Do not allow yourself to sink into despair, My love.  For you are following after Me, you listen and obey Me and the voice of another you will not follow.  Those who buckle and bow now, in the time of testing they find themselves in, have no foundation in Me and there is no relationship with me.  I see all that is transpiring.  I know the squeeze-play taking place in your land.  This is another time of separation.  I know who are truly Mine.  I know who are not really Mine.  Watch and pray for your brothers and sisters, My love, for many shall be put through the fire.  I am purifying them through the fiery trials that must come upon all men, to test their hearts.  I see, I know, I record.  I shall not be mocked.  I shall bring all of My own through each test, I shall require a steadfast faith from all My true children.  Stand firm in My righteousness.  Do not hold onto earthly things, ask of Me what I would have you do.  Do not hold onto your life in fear.  Let go of all fear.  Cast it off and Trust Me in all things.  I am your way maker.  If I require you to lay down your life for Me, do it, for I shall surely give it back to you, at the appointed time.  Again, I say, fear not, for all power in heaven and on earth and under the earth has been given unto Me.  I shall protect you, My love.  I have everything in My control.  Nothing that is happening on your earth or in your land is a surprise to Me.  Fear not, My little ones.  I will make a way for you.  Stay close.


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