Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hearing God - July 20, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Beloved, it is well with thee and Me.  I see you, My love.  I see your daily walk.  I feel you when you draw near to Me.  I can smell your sweet fragrance as you come into My presence.  For you have placed yourself completely into My hands, to mold you into My image, and cleanse you from all the filth of this world.  You live as a light in great darkness.  Many see your light, and wonder about you.  Do not allow yourself to be troubled by what others may be saying about you.  Just keep abiding in Me, dwelling in My presence, this is where you are to remain.  For I have made a place for you at My table, and as you feed upon My goodness, the overflow is beautiful.  For the light, My love, that is pouring forth from you is a reflection of My glory, and it shall never be taken from you.  You have persevered in Me, you have sought Me with your whole heart and I have been found by you.  Beloved, I have made My home in you and you have made your home in Me.  This is permanent.  We shall live together now in this life and in your life to come.  For I shall grant you your hearts desire, to be with Me forever.  Your eye has not seen the beautiful things I have prepared for you.  Beloved, you are patient, and your patience shall bear a great reward.  You are humble, you are quiet, you are amiable, all of these are a reflection of Me.  For you are bearing My characteristics in your own humanity.  It's a beautiful thing, to see Myself reflected in My children.  For the world you are in is cruel, and can be a dangerous place for a gentle soul to reside in.  But, you, My love, have learned to be content and to patiently wait upon Me.  You are fully relying on Me, to meet your every need.  You are not distant from Me, for your heart and soul are ever drawing closer to My heart.  Our spirits are one, My love.  This pleases Me, My dear one, this pleases Me.


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