Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hearing God - July 19, 2015

As I was in worship, I heard this:

Beauty for ashes My love, the fires coming to burn up the dross, to cleanse and purify the hearts of men.  Do not try to reason the events coming upon your land, for much chaos and destruction comes quickly now.  But, I have prepared thee, hold your ground, hold your tongue in the midst of trials, I shall give you a word, as your sword, and you shall route the enemy with the word that I provide you, the enemy has a reason to be coming forth.  I will equip you with the right weapons you will need to face every trial and difficulty.  Listen carefully now, to My still small voice in the midst of every difficulty.  As My word comes forth from you, it shall disrupt and reroute the plans of the enemy against you.  Remember, child, love, do not fear, be still and rest in My peace for I am here with you and I shall never leave you, I will make a way for you through every challenge you shall face.  I shall keep you sheltered in Me, do not re-act to anything, only be still and know you are here with Me, listen and then act as I instruct you, open your mouth and release the words I speak in you.  For My Kingdom is within you and you live and move and breathe in Me now.  Beloved, arise, My love, arise, for the light in you shall be called forth out of you as these days come to pass.  Remember, to stay in My peace, where your true Rest is.  Many things shall come to try to pull you out of My peace, My Rest.  You must be diligent in staying here in My peace.  Sheltered and secure in knowing that I will take care of you.  Deception is having a hay-day all around you, and many are full of anger, bitterness and fear for they are tossed to and fro in trickery and deceit, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, for they do not come to Me for wisdom and instruction.  They turn to self, they turn to other men to lead them and instruct them, this will only bring them vanity and false security.  All, must come to Me on the narrow road, it's an inward journey, it's a lonely journey, but, it's the only one that will bring you home, to Me.  Come, I'm here, where are you?

It's very important to know who you are in Me, I will never forsake you.  I will lead you in paths of peace, in glades of love and splendor, I am quiet, humble, loving and kind...are you reflecting Me.  I can show you the way.  For I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  I give life to everything.  I can help you with your life's journey.  I am for you and not against you, My loves.  Come, come unto Me, I am here, where are you?  Beloved's, do not linger outside My gates, come, enter in to Me, I am your hope.  I am the Way.  I love you.  I soooo love you.  I want you, I created you, come home to Me now, My prodigals.  There is no fear in My love.  But, you must yield to My love.  I am here, where are you?


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