Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hearing God - July 18, 2015

As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

The days go quickly now, My dear one, for you are seeking Me and no one else.  You listen, you are listening for My voice, and as you expect to hear, you hear.  You have been disemboweled from the earthly life, yes, you still live on earth, but, you are seeking Me and My Kingdom, and nothing else.  Beloved, this is normal to feel distant and disengaged from all the cares of this world and it's systems.  You seek Me now, you live and breathe and move in Me.  You are no longer troubled over your own life and will easily lay it down.  This is where your freedom lies.  This is where you find peace, solely living for Me, dwelling with Me, abiding in ME, as you see the day approaching.  You, now have no fear, for you have cast off all restraints of fear, and surrendered every vestige of resistance to Me, you have humbled yourself more as I have drawn you through the fires of great testing once again.

 Beloved, as you reside, completely at My feet, with your whole will surrendered to Me, I am pleased with your sacrifice, My love.  These days are passing quickly, greet each day with a kiss, born from a grateful heart.  Always knowing that it is I, only I, who provides for you.  I lead, and you, My love, simply follow.  For you Trust Me completely, you have surrendered your all to Me and your only desire now is for Me to live through you, completely.  For you have fully grasped that you must decrease so that I can increase in you.  This is a very valuable concept, My love, a beautiful treasure and jewel for your crown.  I love you, My little one.

 Always believe.
Always look with eyes to see.
Always be quick to hear Me and respond, respond, respond, for I am near to all who dare to come near to Me.


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