Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hearing God - May 26, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

This is not a Jesus fix.  This is something you do to draw close to Me as your dear friend.  For you, My love, My dear one, know that you have Me ever present with you.  You shall not lose sight of Me for We are one in spirit.   We are one in heart.  We are one in relationship.  You are ever close to Me now, as I am ever on your mind.  You are tuned into Me.  We speak constantly all the time, as you go about your waking hours and as you go to sleep, your body is in a restful state, but, your mind and your spirit never disengage from our conversation.  You have developed a peaceful, enduring place with Me.  You are well aware of My presence all around you, and it's becoming harder to surprise you with My presence, for you know Me, you truly know Me, and you are comfortable with Me.  Beloved, I have heard your prayers and I forgive you.  My love, come before Me and seek My guidance before you act, for each simple act could have grave consequences.  The birds nest you thought was probably empty, you swept it down, only to find a single egg revealed on the ground.  I see your heart, I know your shame, I forgive you, dear one.  Next time ask Me and wait for My response, before you act, do not rush out ahead of Me and act before you hear from Me.  I am your guide.  When you go out ahead of Me, there could be dangers, that could have been avoided.  There could have been things left intact and undisturbed, instead of broken.  Beloved, you are human and spirit, but you must strive to always walk, live, and breathe in the spirit.  Beloved, this is an important lesson, I hope you have learned today.  Never act on your own, wait on Me, ask for My guidance and wait, be patient and wait, listen carefully for My response.  Pay attention to My unction.  You will feel it deep within you, do not ignore it, or sweep this unction aside, My child.  Pay attention to it everyday and in every circumstance.


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