Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hearing God - May 21, 201

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

My child, let not your heart be troubled, Trust Me in all things and circumstances.  I will deliver you out of all difficulties.  My love, rest, in Me today.  Focus on your walk with Me.  I am your comfort.  I alone know what you need.  I am not distant from any of you.  But, to draw Me near, you must focus on Me.  Meditate on My goodness.  You have asked Me about the Holy Spirit.  I did show you a fleeting glimpse of Him, glowing brightly with a blue line and a gold line outlining His bright face and body.  You are ever mindful of Him.  He is with you always, except when you sin.  It grieves the Holy Spirit to be in the presence of sin.  He will counsel and guide you through every decision and choice you make, but, you must heed His instructions.  If you willfully choose to sin, My Holy Spirit, will depart from you.  Remember, He is Holy.  Be ye holy, for I am holy.  The Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead.  Do not grieve the Holy Spirit.  My child, the Holy Spirit is a part of Me.  He dwells within you and interacts with you daily.  He loves you very much, for you love Me.  He is your comforter, your teacher and your guide.  We are here to help you grow.  Your love and capacity to love has grown as you have deeply focused your time and eyes on Me.  Beloved, this journey you are on is not for everyone.  For each soul must come to ME and develop a relationship personally with Me.  I work in each life as each person is submitted to Me to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling.  There is a way that seems right, but, the end there of is death.  You must ask of Me if I am pleased with you, and if there is anything that is not pleasing to Me, then change your ways.  Repentance is key in your transformation, My little ones.


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