Monday, May 18, 2015

Hearing God - May 17, 2015

Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I asked:

Me:  What would you like to talk to me about today Lord?

and this is what He answered:

Lord:  I would like to talk to you about the electricity you feel in your body and breast area and extending and coming forth through you hands.  This is not static electricity.  This is an eternal gift I have placed within you from the foundation of your forming.  For I knew you before you were born.  I placed gifts within you that would come forth in the latter days ( which are upon you now).  You have to pray for Me to stir up these gifts now, start praying for the manifestations of these gifts that I have placed within you.  As you enter into worship, what you are feeling is a circle of energy, flowing through you from My Spirit.  The electrical feeling you are beginning to feel in your fingers is the gift manifesting itself outside of your physical body.  Pray for understanding and discernment on how to use these gifts.  Remember, the lady you prayed for in tongues, and how her hand was warmed and she felt she was healed, you did not touch her hands, you touched her back, and I transferred My healing power through your willing, yielded vessel.  Then you talked to her after the service and felt the warmth radiating from her hand.  I shall use you in the days ahead to pour out My Spirit through.  Beloved, this electrical current is Me, you must be attentive to My Spirit when you feel this electricity within you, stop and focus on Me, ask Me, what I want you to do, and then be obedient.  You have much to do in My Kingdom.  Do not fear this change, for it is I "Christ" in you the hope of glory, I shall do the work, through your yielded vessel.  All you have to do is yield.  Keep fasting beloved, many things are breaking forth now, upon you.  The energy source within you, cannot be contained or controlled by you, no, it is a spiritual gifting that I will control and use at My Will, not yours.  So, you see My love, I am responsible for using and manifesting this gift within you, not you, all I ask from you is prayer for understanding and then yielding humbly in submission to Me, as I choose to move within you, and use this gift.  All glory and honor for this gifting belongs to Me, you are just a lowly, humble vessel I choose to pour out My Spirit through.  Beloved, you have many gifts and abilities within you that have been locked away.  I am unlocking these gifts now.  I shall show forth My power through your earthen vessel.  You are Mine.  I shall trouble your waters, as the force of My eternal spring comes gushing forth out of you.  Dear one, you were made for My service.  You are being called to active duty now.  Surrender all that you are to Me.  Follow every unction from ME, do not hesitate child, for I am the one leading you down this path of righteousness, peace, humility, and purification.  Beloved, I lead, and you, My dove, are to simply follow.  I shall visit you now in transparency.  The hour of your preparation is almost complete.  Beloved, fear nothing, fear no one, for I am in you.


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