Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hearing God - Dream of America - May 19, 2015

***Note:  As I came to wait upon the Lord, I was troubled by a dream that I had last night and was pondering over it, and I was trying to remember the song I kept hearing over and over last night as I was awakened to it over and over...but I can't remember it.

So now I began to wait on the Lord, and this song began to play inside of Me "Holy Spirit, you are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere, you are welcome here..."

Then I heard Him speak:

Beloved, you are clean, I have heard your prayers and I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness.  Beloved, you are quick to repent of any wrong doing, this pleases Me.  You are on alert to all manner of sin and fleshly desires.  But, know this, just because you dreamed something does not mean it was you desiring to sin.

If you are observing something in a dream, it is for reflection and a warning.  I told you, I would speak to you in your dreams.  In this dream last night that is troubling you, you were in a far off country, you were riding a motorcycle and then you got lost, and made a wrong turn.  You saw someone who was not your husband and desired to know him, the thought was fleeting and you cast it from you, then you felt in danger and turned the motorcycle around and got away from that area, then you were riding a small donkey around and it was getting dark, you thought about using your cell phone to call for help, but, you were full of pride and wanted to find your own way home, you got off the donkey and decided to walk, the donkeys name was baby, as you were walking you noticed the donkeys lead rope was white, fresh and clean with no dirt on it, it was getting darker, and you realized that you were in shorts and starting to get fearful, then you woke up stressed.

I will now give you the interpretation of your dream.

 You were the viewer, observing the dream.  That makes you a witness and a watcher.  The land you were in was America, but, it was not the America you grew up in and knew.  Everything has changed.  The motorcycle  is moving you in your own willfull desires, and you begin to encounter lusts (demonic desires that you would not normally desire). Your faithful husband is not there with you, for you have departed from him.  The husband represents the Father, you represent America's people, who have forsaken the Father, which is the husband, and desired to go your own ways, unprotected, insecure and vulnerable.  The donkey represents humility and humbleness which some Americans are trying to do, the white lead rope represents holiness and purity, then you got off the donkey and decided to walk, this represents your own will and pride once again taking over, and you are in shorts walking.  The shorts represent being uncovered and vulnerable to the world, being drawn away from Me the true Father, the true husband, the true protector of America, America is no longer sheltered and protected under My wings.  The donkeys name was baby.

America, you were My baby, I raised you, I watched you grow up, I nurtured you, I protected you, I allowed you to flourish.  But, alas, you want your own way, your own desires, and now you shall have it, the mercy gate is closing, can you not see it, judgement is at your door, you shall reap the rewards of your treachery.  So be it.


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