Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hearing God - April 25, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

It is good, My dear one, to pray the binding prayer.  It will help you in your discernment.  My love, you are never far from Me.  For you are focused daily on Me.  Your thoughts are upon Me always and your heart rejoices over Me as I rejoice over you.  As you draw closer to Me, I too, draw closer to you.  Our communion is sweet.  You must come before Me daily for your oil.  Oh, My love, My dear one, do not fear the wind, for I am in the wind.  You are protected, you and your family are in My hand, I am protecting all of My true children.  You shall begin to see a difference in the protection of My children. For I am starting to stir them all up, in their hearts.  Some will grow sweeter, and some will grow bitter. The love of many of My children has waxed cold.  I shall tests the hearts of all men.  There shall be strange things seen now.  For the hour has come for Me to test every heart.  Lean not on your own understanding now, My dear one.  Just draw close to Me, hide yourself in Me.  For I have tested your heart many times and have found you faithful and true.  Beloved, you are My dove, on fire for Me, reflecting My beauty, in gentleness, meekness, lowliness, and humility.  I can see My reflection in you.  Dear one, I must stir the embers in your brothers and sisters now and bring them to a burning flame, for My glory to be manifested in them.  No one will be allowed to remain in the same old way they have grown accustomed to.  For as I have stirred you up, I must stir all up.  For I love you all and I desire a fire down in each soul.


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