Friday, April 24, 2015

Hearing God - April 24, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, I heard this:

Song: "In My presence is fullness of joy, In My presence is fullness of joy, In My presence is fullness of joy, In My presence is fullness of joy..."

My child, My dear one, as you endeavor to keep yourself clean, it opens the window of heaven for you.  As you pray the window gets wider and wider.  There are blessings for every act of obedience.  You are My beloved dove, and I am well pleased with thee.  For as you humble yourself, stay in a state of repentance, and deny yourself of worldly things, I draw you in, closer to Me.  As you are waiting and watching for Me, your patience grows, your faith grows, your spirit grows, just as a plant needs light and water to grow, so do you.  For My Spirit within you gives you light which is the oil, and My waters wash you daily in My word.  This is how you grow.  Daily abiding with Me, daily listening to Me.  Breathing in and out with Me.  You are strong, My love.  You are strong in Me.  Rest in Me, day by day, We abide together.  As you see the weak, encourage them to make themselves strong in Me, by talking to Me, reading My word, and being quiet and listening for Me.  This will help them all.  You are to strengthen the feeble hands and knees of those I put in your circle.  I will give you the words to say, speak when I tell you to.  Not proud or boastful, no, that is not My way.  Speak with compassion, gentleness, and love, for these are My attributes.  Dear one, many have grown lukewarm, and many are still cold.  I shall have to wake them up through My shaking.  They shall become fearful, they shall become bewildered, and as they come and ask you why you are calm in the midst of this, I shall give you the words to say to strengthen the weak and the feeble.

Remember, My love, you have My heart, the heart of the lion of the tribe of Judah.


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