Monday, April 20, 2015

Hearing God - April 20, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning, this is what I heard:

Oh, My love, My dear one, I see your heart, your beautiful heart.  I am here guiding you.  I heard you last night as you struggled with your prayers, as you cast aside fear as it tried to engulf you and over take you.  But, you, My child, persevered and remembered My words.  Then you persevered and continued in prayer, you would fall asleep and as you awakened you prayed so the struggle continued through out the night.  This is good, My love.  For as you are awakened in the night by simple things:  needing to go to the bathroom, a twinge or lingering pain, a worry,  a dream, a noise, a sense.
Remember, it is I awakening you to prayer.  Ask Me what I want you to pray for and pray all that you can, when you are awakened again in the night or early morning, ask Me again what I want you to pray for.  In this way you are obedient to Me.  My constant ebb and flow in your life is filled with these simple moments.  Breathing in and out and interacting with Me continually.  For you, My love, choose to draw near to Me.  You choose to continually ask Me to examine you and you examine yourself, you humble yourself to My corrections, and, you adjust your heart, your behavior, your reactions and your will to Mine.  This is a beautiful reflection of Me, My love.  You are continuing on your path of love, lingering over the beauty and sweetness of the path.  As you allow Me to change you, little by little, I can see My reflection shining brightly within your earthen vessel.  Oh, My love, My heart is full of joy over you, for you are submitted and submerged in Me.  This pleases Me, My dear one, this pleases Me.  Let love abide, cast off the shackles of every pain and abide in love, for love is the key to your final destination.


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