Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hearing God - April 21, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning, this is what I heard:

Self denial is a key to pleasing Me child.  Lowering your worth in your own eyes is a very necessary service to Me.  For if you are still living in the mindset of exalting yourself, you are basically living your life thinking more highly of yourself than you should.  Remember, you are to look at everyone, including yourself, with My eyes.  You are to see or strive to see as I do.  Everyone is beautiful and precious to Me.  There are no levels of superiority in My Kingdom.  All are submitted servants to Me.  All of mankind I wish to love and to cherish.  Not one of you, now, or when I created the first man Adam, are better or more loved than the other.  All who come to Me will have a humble spirit, all who yield to My drawing, all who surrender to Me, are joint heirs, truly one family, made up of many members.  Equal in statue and stance in My Kingdom.  Some of you are closer to Me than others, but, all can be close if they choose to, some of you are manifesting abilities that others long for, you can have more abilities too, ask, seek, and knock.  These are not My only children.  All of mankind was created out of an abundance of My love.  You have been created in My image, to walk with Me and talk with Me.  For you are all very loved.  Do not allow pride to manifest within you in jealousy, envy, malice, self righteousness, judgement or a haughty spirit.  I warn you, I see all, examine yourselves daily, and when you see these things arising within you, cast them down, repent, and I will cleanse you, do not dwell on these things, for in so doing, they take root in you, and become more difficult to recognize and cast out.  Beloved, do not think of yourselves as better than another.  No, love, love all, have compassion on others, not contempt.  Be gentle in your words and actions, do not be cruel or harsh with anything, people or animals are My creation, and I created all to dwell in peace, love and harmony.  Watch your words, for your words have creative power and you are creating things as you speak, the power of life and death comes forth in your words.  I speak to you in Truth.  This is the hour of testing.  I am preparing you for departure.  You must be willing to examine yourself and change as I reveal the hidden things within you.  The heart is deceitful, the tongue is blasphemous.  It's the little things that cut you from My vine.  Beloved, make haste, draw near to Me and allow Me to change you from the inside out.  Do not be critical or judgemental of others, simply love others, and continue to work with Me on yourself.  You are responsible for your relationship with Me.  It's never too late to find Me, no, it's never too late, if you have breath, it's never too late.   Do not listen to the noise of the world, telling you you're not good enough, for I want you.  Call out to Me and I shall help you find your way.  Do not cast stones at your brothers and sisters.  Work on removing the plank from your own eyes.  My dear ones, as you come to Me with a humble heart, and a contrite and broken spirit, I shall not turn you away.  Beloved, I'm waiting.


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