Monday, March 9, 2015

Hearing God - March 9, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this is what I heard:

There are many who walk among you who are masquerading as My light bearers, but, I tell you the Truth, they are not of Me.  This is where you need discernment child.  I will unveil their masks for you to see clearly when I am ready.  You must walk and press forward looking only on Me, relying only on Me for Truth and seeking Me for Truth in all things.  Yes, you are to know those who labor among you.  But, you are not to judge any as good or bad, you are only to walk in love.  A gentle answer shall deter anger.  A gentle gesture shall persuade the ones in darkness to move towards the light.  For love is a powerful and beautiful force that is capable of doing many impossible things.  Nothing is impossible for Me.  I see everything and everyone.  Nothing is hidden from My view.  I allow darkness to dwell with My light now.  For this is a time of separation, all shall see who are Mine and who are not.  The season of change is moving rapidly.  Hold fast to Me child, as the currents of change sweep over you.  Many who are deceivers, shall be exposed.  Do not harden your heart against the people who do great evil, only love, forgive and move on in Me.  Dear one, I have made you strong, for such a time as this.  I am with you, My love.  Fear not.  Stand firm.


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