Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hearing God - March 8, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Oh My love, pay attention to your dreams, but do not dwell on them.  Ask of Me for the answers and then wait on Me.  Much is being decoded for you as you are learning My love language.  This is new to you and will take time and practice to gain understanding.  Do not be discouraged in this.  Be diligent in your pursuit of Me.  I am your teacher, each new concept, takes time to grasp.  Be encouraged, My love, you are gaining understanding in this.  Lean on Me for your understanding, let Me take the reins, do not try to understand this with your carnal mind, this will only lead to striving, you must let the river within you flow and through it your heart will gain understanding.  My way of speaking to you is not difficult, it's just new to you.  Keep listening and drawing closer, you are learning many things from Me, dear one.  I pour out more than you can comprehend, and that's OK, because if you don't get complete understanding, it will circle back around in a fresh flow, for I move in circles and you dwell in My circle.  As you live and dwell in Me, you are ever learning from Me.  I am your teacher and your guide.  Let the river flow through you, lift up your head dear one, you are not lost here in this new place in Me.  For you are ascending into a new level, let the river flow and take you deeper into Me.


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