Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hearing God - March 11, 2015

***Note:  The other night I was sleeping and dreaming different dreams, I can't remember all the dreams but what stuck out about this night was I kept hearing the Lord interupt and, say "Why was Davids love wrong?" I heard this over and over, and I would think about it and remember that the word said David was a man after God's own heart, this seemed like an odd question and so I said "I don't know, why was David's love wrong?", as I thought over His question, I would respond this way...I have been pondering this alot, since I woke up yesterday, and kept hearing His question pop into My thoughts as I went about my daily activities, and I kept asking Him why was Davids love wrong...then this morning this is what I heard as I was waiting on the Lord:

Why was David's love wrong?  Because he loved after the flesh and not the spirit.  He was driven by a desire for things.  I am spirit and you must come after Me in spirit.  Look at the examples of men I placed in the bible.  They are far far from perfect.  Many had a blood-lust and desired to do things for Me, instead of waiting on Me.  They acted in anger, not a fruit of the spirit.  They were self-righteous, not unlike the crusaders, they plotted and murdered, not unlike what is going on now in the middle east.  My word says David was a man after My own heart, in some ways yes, in some ways no.  He was a womanizer and driven by the lusts of his flesh, search the scriptures it's there, he was a man of revenge and prayed for Me to slay his enemies, instead of turning the other cheek, and waiting for Me to fight for him.

Oh, the story of man in My history is a fallible one.  Man has fallen so short of what I had planned for them.  But, still, I am here, I have been here the whole time, working within the realm of man, with all his faults and failures.  None are perfect, none are without sin, but, still, I love them all.  Rest assured I am in control and I shall use all as I plan and purpose.  Not one is useless.  All shall be fitly joined together.  Some to honor, some to dishonor.  Do not count out some that appear weak and fragile, or rough and unapproachable.  Remember, I am doing an inward work in each one.  Oh, the mysteries of the Kingdom are many.  Do not put the men and women of the bible on a pedestal, as a shining example of Truth, I tell you the Truth, all of them had faults and failures just like you.  They were flesh and blood, just like you.  This should encourage you.  I require all to yield to Me and in humility and submission follow My leading.  I am not a distraction.  I am your purpose.  I am your destiny.   I draw all men unto Myself.

All who have ears to hear, pay attention.  Listen, quiet yourself, in the stillness and the quiet I come.  If you will but wait upon Me, I shall be found of each of you.  For I am not distant from any of you.  Call upon Me, and then stop, be still and listen.  What do you hear?  Take a pen or pencil and paper and write it down, then examine it....

The Kingdom of God is within you.  Now is the time to recognize this.  Do you need help?  Do you want help?  Do you have ears to hear today?  If you truly want to hear Me, then enter in, be patient, come, come and wait before Me, listen, and you shall hear.


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