Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hearing God - March 24, 2015

***Note: As I was on the couch exhausted from the day and night before I began to focus and wait on the Lord, this is what I heard:

Trust Me child in all things, I will take care of you and your family, each of you are special to Me, and hold a special place in My heart and in My end time army.  I have never forsaken you or any of your family members, for you all are consecrated to Me.  My blood covers each of you, My blood covers  your home, your property lines, your cars, your pets, all, I tell you all that is in your circle shall be protected in the days ahead.  Dear one, hold fast to Me in all that you face daily now.  Do not allow your mind to wander off, in doubt or fear or even unbelief, for this is how the enemy weakens you and tries to drag you down these trails of futility.

Your prayers child are powerful, I hear you.  Your prayers avail much in this hour of testing.  Beloved, stay close to Me now, do not fear, only believe, I know this will require you to draw from your reserve deep within, the spring that flows fresh and clean and beautiful is My Spirit, flowing and abiding within you.  I am here.  Remember, I am here, with you, experiencing every moment with you.  Face every challenge as My Ambassador, Christ in you, the hope of Glory.  Do not give in to unbelief, rise up, dear one, rise up in your faith, cast off the shackles of sickness or injuries as they come upon you or your family.  As you wrestled in the night with this attack upon your daughter, you stood your ground in Me, you trusted Me to be your healer for your daughter, and now I shall restore her to perfect wholeness in Me.  She shall walk on the high places in Me and with Me.  She shall know Me, as I am known by you.


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