Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hearing God - March 12, 2015

***Note as I was waiting on the Lord, this is what I heard:

You are beautiful child.  Always be kind.  Always forgive.  Always respond in love.  By your gentleness many are drawn into the light that is reflecting forth from your vessel.  Many are warmed by the love flowing through you.  Your words are beautiful and bring a salve of healing upon the broken, wounded and bruised travelers along the path.  Your words offer hope, and strengthen the weak and weary.  Your words are a refreshing pool, where My eternal springs flow, in your still waters, that run deep into My chambers.  You, My love, have drawn up for yourself healing waters from My well.  As you drink deeply now, My lovely one, your overflow is spreading out from your cup and spilling into the ground.  Their tongues are swollen from thirst.  They long for just a drop of what you have spilling forth effortlessly from within you.  Oh, My love, keep sowing these precious seeds now, for the hour is upon you, where men, all men, will be searching for Truth, for Me.  For they will stumble, they will fall from thirst, for the cisterns have been shut off, stopped up, and there is no life giving flow of My living water.

I tell you the Truth, a drought is coming and a severe famine shall afflict the people of the earth.  For there shall be no Truth only babble.

Woe, to the ones who trust in man, this is a futile mindset.  Woe, to the ones who feel safe and secure, none are safe, none are secure, without Me as their leader, protector, and helper.  All shall feel the furnace of affliction.  My refining fires shall burn and many shall not be able to withstand My flames, for they will not yield.  They are stubborn, rebellious, and deceived.  Soon they shall be distraught and their hearts shall fail them as they go into shock at what they shall see coming into the physical.

Oh, I warned, I pleaded, you all are without excuse.  WAKE UP, RUN, don't walk, RUN, the ark is closing.  HURRY, before it is too late.  For truly the hour is late, do not wait.  Soon, I shall take My Beloved Bride, and unleash the darkness within you, that you so desperately want.  Oh, foolish Galatians.  Examine yourselves.  Do not mock or ridicule others, examine yourselves.

Soon, I shall be quiet.  I shall still be with you all, through everything, but it will be very difficult to hear Me in the noise that is coming.  But, do not give up in seeking Me, if you are left in dire consequences, brought about by your own choices.

To My beloved Bride, I have told you all many things that are to come, you shall not be caught by surprise.  You shall not be shocked.  Your hearts shall not fail you, for I have prepared and strengthened you.  Fear not, My beloved, you shall see many difficult things, but, fear not, I am with you.


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