Friday, January 16, 2015

Hearing God - Oct. 22, 2014

Song:  "It's a good morning, to wake up to a brand new day..."

Good morning child, it's good that you come to spend time with Me, for in the quietness and stillness, I am easily heard by you.  You become aware of My presence, as you separate yourself and come away with Me.  You know the song I sing to you:  "Come away with Me..."  Well, that is our song.  It cues you in the spirit that I want to spend time alone with you.  You are My love, My little dove, and I love spending time with you, one on one.  Getting to know Me takes time, and beloved, you are spending a great deal of time in listening to Me, and following the spirit on the airwaves in the land of you tube.  Yes, you have found many brothers and sisters there.  You are all learning and growing in Me.  Each of you, knows in part and sees in part.  It is good to listen and discern the Truths from the lies in your mind.  For I have given you a spirit of discernment and you are learning how to walk in your discernment.  this is a gift operating in you through Me and My precious Ruach Ha Kodesh.  As you hear, bring what is questionable to Me.  For if the Truth you are hearing does not resonate within you, it simply means you are not ready to hear it yet.  I am still at work within you, pulling down walls of lies. These strongholds have been embedded in you for years and it takes time to yield and allow Me to reconstruct your mindsets.  I am the Gentle Surgeon, only I can show you the Truth in a way that you can understand it and digest it properly.  Oh, My little one, We have made much progress in your transformation, and We still have much to do.  But, I am well pleased with your diligence to come, and sit patiently at My feet, to yield and submit to Me and allow Me to cut the cords that bind you, and have kept you bound for so many years.  I know it can be painful, and you feel like you are losing your bearings on all that you know, but, Trust Me child.  This is very freeing for you.

 You are in the spirit with Me now, and this is a new and beautiful world, where you are discovering many lovely and beautiful things.  You shall travel on the winds of My spirit.  You have already entered your new day, and now your healing shall break forth.  I shall give you the information to bring strength into your body, mind, and spirit.  You are not weak, My child, you are strong.  Each day you become stronger in Me.  As you live a life of purity, you remain centered in Me.  As you walk the paths of righteousness and love, you are sowing many seeds for My Kingdom.  Beloved, there is no evil in you, for you are one with Me.  You are free in Me, to live, and breath, and move about, for you are living in My Kingdom and I am in you.  Go forth and spread My light now, let My light shine forth in you, and let the world around you, experience My Kingdom.  For they shall be drawn to Me through you, as they see Me walking among them, through you, My little, quiet, gentle dove.  Oh, the days ahead for you are glorious .  Oh, My love, We shall do many things together.

 Shine baby, shine, let the world see your glow for in so doing, you are sowing more and more seeds for My Kingdom and I shall bring the increase.

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