Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hearing God - Jan. 8, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard:

Yes, My child, you shall hear Me, for you have learned to set aside the other voices and listen to Me.  This is a gift I've given you, as you have persevered and disciplined yourself through the waiting.  You believe, and so you received.

In regards to the VISION you saw the other night, that was indeed My hand pulling back the curtain allowing you a glimpse of how I see you, many gathered around the brightly glowing campfire, all are dark, except the one fire in the center of it all.  The night sky is dark, but not black, you can still see some blue color and some stars.  This shows you that My Spirit is still here on earth abiding, hovering over the land, the darkness is in the people all around the fire, the fire is you, My love, burning brightly in Me, for I am your light, I am the flame within you, you are warm and cozy, while the others around you are cold, some lukewarm.  You have crossed another level in your journey, My dear one.

  Press on, for there is so much more for you to see, to hear, to know.  As the old man-made thinking falls aside, you are stepping forth now on higher ground, the path is getting steeper and the air is getting thinner, for this is the part of the journey, few will reach, for as the path gets harder and more disciplined, many lose their faith and fall away.  But, you, My child, shall not fall away.  For you are secure and anchored in Me.  I am not distant from you, My love, and you are not distant from Me.

 You have developed incredible patience in your journey and it will serve you well in the days ahead.  Beloved, you can only see as I reveal, one day at a time.  But, your faith is strong and will protect you on the journey.  Your faith and patience shall work in tangent to lead you onward and upward, there is so much for you to learn on this mountain.  For this is Mount Zion, not a mountain made within the physical realm, but, this is My holy mountain, that is My abode.  Can you not see it now, My child, think on these things, ponder this in your beautiful heart that I see.  I see your vessel and I see your spirit, you have allowed yourself to be continually purged by Me, you have endured much pruning, and now My love, as you are ascending I am with you, to reveal more to your eager, tender heart.

 You, My love, are Mine.  For in your seeking you have found what your heart has so longed for TRUTH.  I am the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIGHT.  You are in My WAY or path and I have placed My LIGHT within you, and now, My little one, you glow, purely reflecting Me.  I am in you, nothing can separate us for you have given yourself to Me completely and I accept your sacrifice with open arms.  Child, I love you, you are soooo loved, and know this, My dear one, you are very very loved and adored.  Tell My children, they are loved and adored, I long for each one to come home to Me and let Me love them, let Me protect them, let me talk freely with them, as I do with you.   All who seek Me for Truth, shall surely find Me.

 Beloved, keep putting these words up, for this is your calling, for today is the day to reflect Me and in these words, you are truly reflecting Me.


***Note: This is the Vision I had last night:

I saw a large hand, tan and pink and flesh colored pull back, what looked like a black curtain on a square window area, I was in the sky looking down at it.  I could see it was nighttime and I could see what looked like trees, black trees huddled around a small glowing campfire.  The sky was mostly dark with some deep blue color and I could see a few stars in the sky.  What stuck out to Me was the vivid color and detail of the hand, the orange, yellow glow coming off the fire and the warmth it was emitting, the darkness of the trees and that they seemed to be huddled or encircling the fire.

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