Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hearing God - Jan. 29, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord this morning I heard:

Blessed be the name of the Lord, who is and who was and who will be.  I am the First and I am the Last.  There is no other.  My Kingdom is within you, My beloved.  For you have opened the door and have been reconciled to Me.  My Father and I are well pleased with your sacrifice and eagerness to welcome Us into your temple.  For you are a submitted vessel that We are pleased and happy to dwell in.

 As you rise in the morning and quietly make your way to Me, My heart sings over you, My beloved.  As you go about your day, doing your daily tasks, still, you reach for Me, this pleases Me, dear one.  Then as you go to retire on your bed, and close your eyes, still, you call to Me.  For even as you slumber, your heart is awake unto Me.  For you, My dove, regard Me far above anything on this earth, and this, My dear one, is priceless to ME.  For in your transparency with Me, your love for Me shines like the sun.  Your love is warm and beautiful to Me.

 I see you, My dove, I see your daily sacrifice to Me.  My flame burns brightly in thee.  For you do not see your sacrifice, you only see the love you have for Me, wrapped deep within My love I have for you.  This is Truth, this is how you were created to be.  I created you, to love you, and in return, as you receive My love, you in return, love Me, this is a give and take relationship.  I dare say it's personal and precious to Me.  For all I have ever wanted is for you to know Me and to share My love with you.  I hoped for relationship.  I hoped for love to bloom within your heart towards Me, for I have loved and nurtured you all the days of your life.  Now, I see the fruit of My laboring so diligently with thee.  For you have allowed your love for Me to bloom.

 Your love and My love for you are eternally connected and shall never fade away.  For in your seeking you have found the treasure your heart has longed for.  I am yours, and you are Mine.  Did you know your life is being poured out daily, note by note as a love song to Me.  This is a beautiful revelation for you today.  As you live, and breath and move, your melody in harmony with Me is making music.  Your beautiful melody transcends time, space and dimensions.  For in My presence there is no distance between Me and thee.  My Kingdom has come and is alive and flourishing within you child.  Deep calls unto deep now, dear one.  A river is within you, My love.

  Your lamp is full of oil, for I am the only one who can dispense this oil.  I give My oil to you as you come and sit at My feet and eat at My table.  Oh, My love, you are full of so many good and precious things.  You are building your reserves, for in the days ahead, I shall require you to pour out.  Much shall be given to you now, My love, for much shall be required of thee.  Freely you receive and freely you shall give.  This is your destiny child.

  The Kingdom of God is within you and it is coming forth as a rushing, mighty river, full of life and power, healing and nourishment for the ones who are coming behind you, My love.  I am soo in love with My children, listen, can you hear it?  The sound of an abundance of rain.  It's beginning to rain.

***Then I heard this song playing inside of Me:

  "It's beginning to raaaaaaain here the voice of the Father, voice of the Father, saying whosoever will, come drink of this waaaater, drink of the waaaater, I'm beginning to pour My Spirit out on your sons and your daughters, sons and your daughters...saying whosoever will, it's beginning to rain..."

***Then He said:


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