Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hearing God - Jan. 28, 2015

***Note:  As I was waiting on the Lord I heard this:

I am with you, breathing in you, walking in you, for We are one.  You are grafted into Me.  You have learned to look for Me in every circumstance you find yourself in.  You have learned to focus your mind on things that are pure, clean, holy, virtuous and praiseworthy, for in so doing you are strengthened.

 As you encounter darkness, it does not affect you or become tangible in you, for you are motivated and directed by the flame within you to walk in step with Me, to not miss a beat, but to keep walking in the light from within.  You have become strong and unmovable.  My peace rests upon you.

 Do you realize that within you there is an abundance of rain.  I am within you, My love, and My well never runs dry.  The river coursing through your veins is watered daily by Me.  I am your constant supply.  As you come and daily sit at My feet, I hand feed you the choicest morsels of meat and I give you the purest water to drink.  For you, My dove, are Mine and I will always take care of My own.

 For as you seek to draw near to Me, I am already here waiting for you.  These moments We share are precious and few, but so very important to your growth and development.  You have developed a very attentive ear, and now you hear Me well.  All the answers are within you child.  But, you must engage Me with your questions, and I, My dearest one, will pour out and overflow to you the answers.

 It is My intention to grow you more.  I have your heart, as you have captured Mine.  Rest in Me, My beloved.  The best is yet to be.

***Note:  Then I heard this song playing inside of me:  "These are the best days of My life..."

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