Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hearing God - Oct. 13, 2014

You have been busy today child, but, you were never far from Me.  For in everything today, your heart was tuned to Me.  As you went about your daily tasks, your thoughts were turned towards Me.  You had a listening ear to hear and learn from Me.  As you are listening to My beloved daughter, your understanding is enlarging.  As you learn, you grow, as you grow, your heart sings in utter joy at the mention of My name.  Your spirit is refreshed and renewed as you spend time with Me.  As you are eager to hear, you shall hear.  Oh, beloved, to seek for understanding is good.  It's a beautiful thing to be enraptured with knowing more of Me.  For you are overjoyed and thrilled with each new encounter in Me.  For now, you are truly seeing Me.  I am in you, My love, and now, you see many impossible things, for you have yielded to Me, and you have allowed Me to unlock your mind.  As you  think, you are becoming.  As you think, you are transforming.  As you think, you are.  The mindset is powerful.

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