Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 12, 2014

Notes are very important.  To write things down allows you to go back again and review and refer to something that you may have forgot.  This is why I have you writing down our conversations.  For in these communing times, much is shared between us.  You are not capable of containing all the information I am downloading into you, and that is OK.  I only ask that you yield, and try to write things down, for in doing so you are leaving a breadcrumb trail for others to follow who are coming behind you.  Do not be discouraged if you don't remember everything.  For know this, I AM the one who is putting it in you, and I AM the one who will draw it out.  Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by so much information, I know what you are capable of handling.  Trust Me child, I lead, you follow, one day at a time.  Just concentrate on following closely to Me each day and you will not be lagging behind.  You and I are on this journey together.  We are walking the same path.  You have already entered, and have begun to dwell in My Kingdom.  For remember, My Kingdom is within you.  I am one with you, My beloved little dove.  You are My delight, for you are pleased and eager to seek Me out, above all else, you block out the world and you come to My chambers within, to sit at My feet and eagerly pen what you hear.  For in the waiting, there is meat and bread and water for you.  I personally hand feed you your daily portion.  You are so cherished and loved My Bride.  Your heart is My delight.  For you love Me with abandon, forsaking all others, you cleave to Me.  You are safe and at home in My presence.  Tucked safely under My wing.  It is well with thee and Me, My little one, My gentle dove.  

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