Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 9, 2014

I know you are sad today child.  But, be comforted in the fact that I am here with you.  I never leave you.  I am here with you, My love.  Even though the road can seem long and wearisome, you must persevere, and press on.  Though you have troubles and difficult days, I am here.  Do not become discouraged and disappointed in yourself.  The mind is a battlefield, you faced many challenges yesterday. As your emotions flared like wildfires in your mind, and the thoughts that raged within you were difficult to battle, and put out the fires, but, though you are weary today, know this, My love, I saw you, I was watching and recording how you were performing in the battle.  You were strong, although frazzled at times and had to regain My peace, again and again.  you came through victorious through it all.  Your guard upon your mouth gate stood strong and secure, nothing of the flesh escaped your mouth.  You stood firm and battled all day, though the day grew long and wearisome you endured.  You put out the wild fires that popped up and raged within you.  You quenched every flame with My Truth and My Spirit prevailed in you, though you feel weary today, you have actually grown stronger and reached another level in Me.  Peace, My child, My peace is flooding over you, be still, and know Me now, this day, once again be filled with My presence.  You are Mine.  Remember, whenever you are going through a battle, I am here with you.  Lean on Me.  Call upon Me to help you.  All is well with thee and Me, My love.  Never think upon these thoughts in the battle as your own.  For as you recognize Me from yourself, you must recognize the enemies voice from your own.  It is well with thee, My little one.  Selah.

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