Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 8, 2014

Song:  "This is My Resurrection song, this is My Hallelujah song...I AM watching over you, I AM holding onto you, in the middle of the night, in the middle of your storm...I AM..."

You see child, I love you.  With each passing day We grow more bonded together.  For We are a union.  You are a part of Me and I am a part of you.  We have relationship.  Many want what you have in Me, but, they are not willing to labor for it.  Relationship takes time.  It's a process.  Through the years relationship grows.  What you put into a relationship is what you can expect to get back, plus some.

If you are not spending time with a person, interacting, talking, sharing, and caring for one another, then you will have no relationship with that person.  For you both will drift apart and fade away from one another, and the distance between you shall widen like a chasm.  For you did not value the relationship, and so you lost the treasure that was once yours.  When you meet again down the road, you are strangers, you know who each other are, but there is no relationship, you are acquaintances, nothing more.  Sad, but true.

This is how many of My children are with Me.  They know about Me, but, they do not spend any time in getting to know Me.  They think I will be at their beckon call, whenever they need Me, but, they never think about what I might need or require.  It's one-sided.  This is not a relationship.  Selah.

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