Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 7, 2014

My child, I love how you love Me.  My love flows freely through you.  My spirit is alive and active in you, My dear one.  Much understanding is coming to you, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed.  Do not try to keep everything in the forefront of your mind.  I am seeding it into your memory bank and you will be able to draw from it when you need to.  Oh, how you've grown in these past few months.  You have succeeded in taking more territory on your lot.  You have expanded your views of who I am, and you have unburdened yourself of many false teachings.  For as I reveal Myself, you are seeing clearly the Truths from the lies.  This pleases Me child, your desire for Truth, pleases Me much.

As I reveal more to you, and you do not understand it, you do not cast My Truth aside in rejection, no, you simply receive it, and trust that you will understand it, at My appointed time.  This is Wisdom, dwelling with you now.  This is growth.  As long as you are willing and open to My teaching you, you shall understand and grow, more and more, as We interact and grow together in the bond of unity and love.  My child, My dove, My Bride, you are transparent with Me, for you know I see all, and your heart is an open book for Me to write on.  I desire to dwell with you in complete transparency with you as well.  Our journey is a process.  My Truths take time to process and digest.  This is good for you to go slow on the path of understanding,  so as not to be overwhelmed.  You, My love are becoming stronger in Me.  Your roots are deep, and firmly established in My garden.  You are well watered.  I watch over you, My beautiful child.  I love to watch you grow.

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