Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 18, 2014

I love you child.  You come to wait upon Me, expecting to hear from Me and so you shall hear.  Let not your heart be troubled.  Keep your focus on Me, in all things and in all circumstances keep your eyes on Me.  Do nothing out of fear.  Be still, listen to Me, if you do not hear, be still, wait, wait for My direction.  My peace I have given you, stay in it.  If you lose your peace, stay calm, and be still and when you are in My peace again, then you can continue with what you are doing.  Follow after My peace, and in so doing, you will be safely tucked under My wing.  Do not try to understand everything that is happening all around you, for you will not.  Do not give in to fear.  For it is a snare that is being cast upon the ears and eyes of the people to immobilize them and control them.  Many are fearful due to what they are hearing and seeing.  I tell you again, My little ones, do not fear.  This is an immobilizing spirit.  Do not allow it to abide in you, stand strong.  I am here with you.  Look to Me, in all things, for comfort, direction, and peace.  I will give you the understanding that you need.  Live day by day in Me.  Oh, My little one, all is well with thee and Me.  Keep your heart dwelling in Me.  Let Me captivate all of your attention.  For in Me, you will find peace, Truth, and love.  You are Resting in Me.  I am in thee, and you are in Me.  We are one.  I lead, only I, and you humbly follow.  Don't listen to the world, don't accept the noise, shut it out.  Follow after peace, let it guide you in all your ways.  Selah.

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