Friday, October 17, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 17, 2014

My hand is upon you child, I lead, you follow.  Much tribulation is coming forth from the spirit now, and through it, much shall manifest and come forth in the physical.  All have been weighed.  All have been reviewed, and now all shall be tested.  Fear not, My little one, for in the fire, there is Truth.  In the fire, as I turn up the heat, it draws out the dross, the wickedness, the self-life is purified and cleansed.  Yes, it is not easy and many shall suffer, as they have to let go of many things they have clung to, for they shall no longer bring them any comfort or protect you all from the storms that are coming.  I have given you many signs in the sky, in the weather, in the animals, and in the people.  Change is upon you, My lovely ones, Keep Calm, and remain in Me, tucked safely under My wings.  I am your shelter through any storm I require you to go through.  Stand strong in Me, My little ones, for I Am your strength.  I Am working out My plan.  I Am in the delivering business.  I will take care of My own.  I own this earth and everything in it.  You must not doubt My plans and purposes for you, only Trust Me, and believe that I Am is in control of your life.  Leave everything to Me, yield child, yield.  You are to be a witness of many things unfolding on the earth.  No matter how bizarre it may get, know this, I Am right here with you.  I Am in charge and I will take care of all of your needs.  Hold fast to Me now, this is where the strength of your faith is being tested.  Stand strong now children.  I Am here.  I Am is in control of all things.  Trust Me.  Selah.

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