Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hearing God in the morning - Oct. 16, 2014

Oh, there are many seasons that you must go through.  The journey is not for the weak or double-minded.  It is for the steadfast, the enduring, and the persevering.  Much change is required, much pruning is required.  Much pain will have to come, as I work in My vineyard.  It is not a painless process for you, as I draw up and out the sucker branches that do not produce the fruit of My Kingdom.  As I cut and prune the cares of this self-life out of you, I know it is difficult to let go of these worldly ties, that have bound you all these years.  This is why you must Trust Me, you must let go of you own desires, and allow Me to do the work in you.  I alone can see the whole picture of you, and how you are to be shaped and molded.  I will work, and continue to work in each heart, till My image is formed in you, and I see My reflection shining forth from your vessels.  For those who have yielded to Me, you are well-seasoned in the rigors of My pruning, you have known the pain of My cutting tool, and you have known the strength of My healing balm.  You have learned much patience in the process, and you have  remained steadfast and unshakable through My pruning.  Your grapes are full of the sweetest wine for Me, and now, as I press out the new wine, you sing.  Your song is fresh and new.  It's carried on the wings of My Spirit, and all of heaven is rejoicing in the pressing.  Sing, My beautiful ones, sing, a new song I hear coming forth out of you.  For it's a new season, and it's a new day.  Sing, oh, sing, My beautiful ones.  I can hear your song in the spirit.  Remember, My loves, I hear you.  The I AM is listening to your song.  Selah.

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