Monday, September 22, 2014

Hearing God - Sept. 17, 2014

I must talk to you now, My dear one, of the deception that dwells in the households of faith.  For men have been indoctrinated into lie upon lie since their earliest understanding.  I must break through these barriers to free My people from the bondage that holds them.  I am not a man that I could lie.  I am the creator of all, hear Me now, come out of all these man made doctrines that keep you far from Me.  You were created to dwell with Me, and hear Me for yourself.  I desire to be in a personal one on one relationship with you.  No one should come in your behalf, No, I say again, all should come to Me as individuals.  I alone can guide and direct each path.  I alone know what each one of you needs.  All is not lost.  I am here.  To pray, is to speak to Me personally, it is a conversation, you speak, I listen, you pause to hear Me, you wait for Me to speak, in quietness and stillness, you wait, then I speak.  This is important.  You must all strive daily to hear Me for yourselves.  I speak all the time.  SSShhh, be still and listen.

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