Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hearing God - Sept. 16,2014

My child, you are growing by leaps and bounds in the spirit.  Much is being accomplished in you now, that you do not see, or understand, but, know this, I am the architect and you are My strong tower that I am building into a new and marvelous thing.  There are many rooms in your tower.  I have equipped you with many talents and abilities.  I am finishing your rooms now, for I have grown in you and your temple rooms needed a makeover.  I have enlarged the place of My dwelling in you.  I am strong in you, My little one.  You are strong in Me, and in spirit you shine like My Son.  For you are truly reflecting My Son, in all your ways you acknowledge Him, and Wisdom is well pleased with thee.  Much is transpiring in the spirit.  Do not worry that the information I give you, in your dreams, or in your waiting upon Me is slipping away from you.  I am storing much information on the inside of you, this is part of your transformation process.  Nothing shall be lost from you.  I am storing it and I will bring it back to your remembrance as you need it.  Beloved, I am pouring out much now, and you must continue to stretch yourself to receive it.  More, much more information is coming your way.  Oh, My little one, do not be overwhelmed. (as He was speaking I had a vision)

Vision:  I am in a castle bedroom with Jesus watching Me and speaking to Me of the things that need to come.  I am feeling overwhelmed, I am listening intently to His instructions, as I gaze out the window at the beautifully landscaped land...vision ends.

He continues to speak:

I am here.  You are to take one day at a time with Me, resting and abiding in Me, stay with Me in My private bed chambers, as long and as often as you need now, My dear one. 

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